Charges of burglary and damage to property were laid against a George Town resident after the Humane Society building on North Sound Road was broken into earlier this week.

Albert Frank Ebanks, 34, was charged with entering the premises as a trespasser on June 18 and stealing two cans of soda. In the incident, he was further charged with damaging a glass door with a value of less than $3,000.

Crown counsel Emma Hutchinson said entry to the premises was by way of the smashed door and CCTV showed Mr. Ebanks entering. He then helped himself to two sodas from a cooler.

Defense attorney Jonathon Hughes asked for bail before any plea was entered. He said there was no reason the matter could not proceed quickly, but he had not received all of the papers in the case.

The burglary took place under cover of darkness, he pointed out, so the court could impose a curfew to ensure that the defendant was not out during nighttime hours.

He could also be placed on electronic monitor, Mr. Hughes suggested.

Magistrate Philippa McFarlane refused bail, but asked Ms. Hutchinson to provide the necessary papers to the defense within 24 hours. She set the next mention for June 27.