​Flag football report: Vipers, Wolves and Maples dominate Week 11

Ed Bush field was the venue on Saturday, Sept. 15, for Week 11’s Flag football action, which featured three action-packed games.

The first game featured Maples up against Titans. Maples is currently the number 2 seed and their showcase on Saturday proved why this is so. Josh Parsons scored two touchdowns and two extra points while Steven Mitzel added a touchdown and Larue Nixon scored an extra point. Titans QB Terrick Myles was a force on defense with three interceptions, but the game ended in Maples’ favor, 27-6.

Up next were the Uncle Clem Wolves against the Miller Lite Hellcats. The Wolves came into the game ready to seal another win after defeating Maples in Week 10, but the Hellcats scored early with QB Nathan Narcisse throwing a 60 yard touchdown pass to Abdul Patterson. However, Wolves dominated the game with touchdowns scored by Leroy Bodden, David Taylor and Jaryd Bodden, with the game ending 21-7 in favor of the Wolves

The final game of the evening was the Red Stripe Wolverines up against HSM Vipers. The Wolverines defense was strong in the first half, but HSM would dominate the remainder of the game with three touchdowns scored by Jennifer Coterelo and one by Tanjana Campbell. The game ended in the Vipers’ favor 28-0.

The action took place under the lights at the Annex Football field on Monday, Sept. 17, with female teams going head to head.

The first game featured Maples Jaguars up against Red Stripe Wolverines. Shantelle Simms was the recipient of most of Jaguars’ passes from QB Tamika Byrd. However strong defensive tackles from Shanice Bodden would prevent Jaguars from scoring. Shaielle Murray ran most of the ball on Wolverines offense, but strong tackles from Diandra Bodden would prevent the Wolverines from capitalizing on offense. The game went into overtime with both teams working strong defensively, and ended in a 0-0 tie.

The final game of the night was also a nail-biter as Tribe Tattoo Sharks went up against The Greenhouse Lynx. Shenel Gall ran most of Lynx’s balls, with Courtisha Ebanks and Bianca Hunt making strong defensive tackles for the Sharks on defense. On offense for the Sharks, Tyanna Jan was a force as running back for her team, making great gains, but in the end the game ended 6-0 in Lynx’s favor thanks to Shenel Gal scoring the only touchdown of the game.

Week 12 will commence Saturday at Ed Bush, with games beginning at 1 p.m. The females will dominate Monday night football, starting at 7 p.m. at the Annex Football Field.

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