More walls smashed in Cayman Academy burglary

Last Wednesday’s high-profile burglary at the Cayman Business Park entailed burglars who broke into four establishments by smashing through drywall and tiles early that morning.

About six days before that, a similar burglary happened at the Cayman Academy, according to the school’s principal, O’Neil Duncan.

Mr. Duncan said that around midnight on Thursday, Sept. 13, criminals broke into the school’s math room, which did not have burglary bars. From there, they smashed through walls to enter the language room, and then the main office.

Most of the items taken did not have much monetary value. Mr. Duncan said stolen items included reams of documents, such as teacher files, assessment performances and other papers.

“No, we don’t see why anyone would be interested,” he said.

A few cellphones were also stolen, he added.

Mr. Duncan said the matter was reported to police, and that he understands that the investigation is ongoing.


  1. We’re there no security cameras or burglar alarms at these stores or the Academy? If the stores were rented, I would insist on the owner installing alarms and or security cameras before I moved back in to continue my business. Surveillance video is aloud in the US to help prosecute a criminal.

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