Savannah resident Rosedean Jackson turns 100

Savannah resident Rosedean Jackson celebrated her 100th birthday last week with family and friends.

Although bed-ridden since 2002 after falling and breaking her hip, Ms. Jackson continued to run her household from her bed, according to daughter Elizabeth Smith.

Ms. Jackson’s family threw a party for her on her birthday on Sept. 27 at her home in Savannah, which was attended by friends and neighbors and other wellwishers who wanted to deliver birthday greetings to Cayman’s newest centenarian.

“On the day of her birthday, she really enjoyed the gathering, especially after realizing that lots of people, including Alva Suckoo, MLA for the district of Newlands, and Reverend Wray of Savannah United Church, were coming in her room to visit and pray with her,” Ms. Smith said.

Ms. Jackson lost her mother Rachel when her daughter Elizabeth was 12 years old. Her aunts, Helen and Jen Jackson, lived at the family home and assisted her so she could work and care for her daughter.

As a child, she attended the all-age school in Spotts and worshipped at the Savannah Presbyterian Church. She was very active in the church, always assisting her mother and aunts, who were pillars of that church, Ms. Smith said.

Ms. Jackson was also active in the Christian Endeavour Society, which in earlier days was in most districts, and she made the journey to East End, North Side and Bodden Town to attend these services.

During her years, Ms. Jackson worked with Eric Cook-Bodden in the airport shop, the Caymanian Weekly and at the government post office. She also became an entrepreneur, buying and selling clothes and shoes until she retired.

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