Just like the other arts, you don’t have to be a great dancer to appreciate great dance.

You may not realize it, but there are many dance companies in the Cayman Islands encompassing a wealth of talent.

Cayman Dance Pool is the only dance art gathering of its kind in Cayman; its purpose is to foster a unified and collaborative environment within the Cayman dance community. While companies and schools independently produce their own creative works to share with their own patrons, it is rare to see everyone come together under one roof for one showcase.

Cayman Dance Pool opens up a performance space where all dance styles and genres are welcome, from modern and tap to Afro-Caribbean and flamenco.

The idea of Cayman Dance Pool came about when founder Ica Eden-Martin witnessed, as well as performed in, Jamaica Dance Umbrella in 2011. Jamaica Dance Umbrella is a growing dance festival in Kingston, Jamaica, that features various dance companies, groups and independent artists from the Caribbean and the diaspora. This event inspired her to create a similar space on her home island of Grand Cayman for its dance community.

The first staging of Cayman Dance Pool in November of 2017 was a very successful one. An enthusiastic crowd supported the dancers as they took to the stage, one group after the next. The performers subsequently provided very positive feedback, requesting for the event to be held again.

Last year, there were performances from CINDCO Dance Unlimited, KRI Performing Arts School, Quinntessential Movement, Quiana Erb, Dreamchasers Cayman, Spark! School of Performing Arts and Skippy Dexterous Brothers.

For this year’s staging of the event, a dance workshop feature has been added. School groups from institutions such as the John A. Cumber Primary School and the YMCA Dance program have been invited to participate, giving young people a chance to perform outside the school hall stage.

Exposure to theater at a young age will inspire Cayman’s creative youth to see dance not just as a hobby, but also a prospective career path in the future.

Dancers perform a traditional quadrille.

Cayman Dance Pool is a wonderful chance for audiences to see all the local dancing community has to offer at one event. This year’s performances promise to be even more vibrant, engaging and entertaining than last year.

The event takes place on Saturday at the Prospect Playhouse at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 and can be bought at Funky Tang’s and Funky Monkey. Email [email protected] or call 916-1273 for more information.

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