Two Bodden Town women appeared in court Thursday on charges relating to illegal gambling.

Emelina Mendoza Wood and Linda Rosalia Mendoza Wood both pleaded not guilty to a charge of “using a place as a common gaming house,” and to possession of criminal property.

The court heard that at an earlier appearance Linda Mendoza Wood had initially pleaded guilty to a third charge, that of selling lottery tickets, but her plea was not accepted because co-defendant Emelina Mendoza Wood intended on pleading not guilty to the same charge.

Emelina Mendoza Wood pleaded not guilty to the lottery ticket charge Thursday.

The case will proceed to trial on March 27.

The charge of possession of criminal property refers to $10,000 that was found on the premises, but defense attorney John Furniss said that the women contend the money was earned lawfully.

They will be back in court for a case management hearing on Feb. 21.

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