Representatives of Champion House were back in court Thursday on a 10-year-old charge of failing to make pension contributions to employees.

The case was adjourned on Thursday because the Crown is seeking further financial information, and the two sides will be back in court on Jan. 22.

The case has been in the court system since 2008. Champion House has entered guilty pleas on charges relating to non-payment of pension contributions amounting to $177,000 on behalf of 32 employees.

Defense attorney Graham Hampson explained to Magistrate Grace Donalds Thursday that pleas have been entered and mitigation given in this case. The two sides are in discussions for how to proceed, and Champion House needed more time to provide financial information to the Crown counsel.

Mr. Hampson said that the Crown counsel who normally handles the case, Greg Walcolm, is currently off island, and that Champion House should be able to retrieve its financial information by January.