An employer before the court since 2008 had sentencing put off on Monday, for the second week in a row.

Champion House Limited, trading as Champion House II, had pleaded guilty to failing to contribute to a pensions plan for employees over a period covering 1999 to 2008.

Sentencing did not take place on Monday, Jan. 29, because the court list was too long for everything to get dealt with.

Defense attorney Attorney Graham Hampson and Crown counsel Greg Walcolm agreed to a postponement until Monday, Feb. 5.

However, late that morning, Magistrate Adam Roberts was advised of a request for further adjournment because one of the counsel had an unexpected personal matter to deal with.

He set sentencing for Monday, March 5.

The case had been adjourned on other occasions for various reasons, including change of attorney or dispute of the amount owed or because the court was monitoring payments the company was making.

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