Seniors walk the runway for night of fashion

Alvernie Watson, 93, assisted by a family member, makes her way down the 'runway' in the evening's fashion show. - Photo: Jewel Levy

Big smiles, warm hugs, upbeat music and lots of encouragement made “Seniors with a Swag” fashion affair a big hit Thursday night at the Town Hall in George Town.

The George Town Community Development Action Committee hosted the event as an early Christmas present so seniors could have a night out, let their hair down, and show family and friends they still had what it takes to get moving.

Seniors ranging in age from 71 to 93 enjoyed a taste of various genres of music, with modern and old-time hits being well received as the seniors took to the dance floor, tapping their feet, swinging their walking sticks, clutching each other for support, and even stealing a kiss or two, to everyone’s delight.

Oswald Thomas, 80, sporting a king’s crown and looking regal in a brown suit, orange shirt and brown shoes, claimed the hand of his wife, 81-year-old Myrtle, who wore a fuchsia dress, red hat and white shoes, for a walk down the aisle.

“We did it our way,” sang 83-year old Crosby Walton as guests at the affair clapped and cheered on friends and family members.

“It’s so amazing to see the seniors so actively involved, and their outfits were amazing,” said Lucille Seymour, the show’s emcee.

More than 15 senior citizens participated in the fashion show, in which they modeled casual and evening wear, along with an array of accessories.

Teresa Echenique, chief officer at the Ministry of Community Affairs, said it was nice to see so many family and friends supporting the seniors.

The Swag event brought back fond memories of dancing in the Town Hall for many, especially for 93-year-old Alvernie Watson, who, dressed in a floral outfit and all smiles, midway down the aisle planted a kiss on the cheek of surprised 81-year-old Michael Pereira.

“It’s just one of the activities we had planned for the seniors for the Christmas season,” said Zemrie Thompson. “They have been waiting patiently to show us what they can do. They are not in a wheelchair and it keeps them active … they have their sticks but they still got up and moved to the beat of the music.”

Community development officers from the Royal Cayman Island Police Service also made the night special for seniors by providing music for the event.

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