JOURNAL: Funds speaker touts blockchain’s potential for positive social impact

Attorney Elizabeth Renieris speaks about the potential positive impact blockchain tech can have on society. - Photo: Ken Silva

Much of the Campbells Fund Focus 2018 conference featured panelists discussing how changing regulations, technology, and political issues could impact the bottom line of the fund industry.

But one speaker, attorney Elizabeth Renieris, spoke about how institutions can profit while also promoting the cause of social justice.

Renieris’s speech was on “social impact investing,” which she defined as investments aimed towards generating positive environmental and social effects while also making positive financial returns.

The term “social impact investing” was coined about a decade ago, and has become increasingly popular within the last several years. Social impact investing is different than the decades-old idea of corporate social responsibility in that the latter focuses on doing no harm to society, while the former focuses on making tangible, positive results, said Renieris.

However, social impact investing has several barriers to being fully effective, said Renieris, who serves as the global policy counsel to Evernym Inc., a startup focused on building commercial products and services for individuals and enterprises that enable a new form of digital identity.

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