Head of education takes new post at ministry

Changes in leadership have taken place at the Ministry of Education during January.

Lyneth Monteith, who has been serving as director of the Department of Education Services – first as acting chief in March 2015 before being officially appointed in February 2017 – is now the acting deputy chief officer for the Compulsory and Early Childhood Education Portfolio of the Ministry of Education. She took the post on Jan. 7.

The new appointment continues Ms. Monteith’s 37-year career with government education, beginning as a classroom teacher.

Tammy Hopkins, senior school improvement officer for Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, has been named as acting director of the Department of Education Services.


  1. Congratulations, again, to Mrs. Monteith on her dynamic movements within the education field.

    Of course we don’t know the reason for this relatively rapid change and perhaps never will. Surely someone had a reason that convinced other “power-brokers” – valid or otherwise. This present “re-assignment” speaks to the “hop-scotch” approach our successive “leaders” have applied to our education system, especially, for the past four decades. Persons are often moved around like pawns, there are always new “strategies”, “programs” and “plans” implemented before any previous efforts can take root and have any positive effect. The only evident results are clear negative effects on our education system and, primarily, our children and their future!

    Shame on these so-called “leaders” in the civil service!

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