MLA’s poll shows little support for port

As opinion polls go, it may not be the largest data set, but MLA Kenneth Bryan’s personal survey of his central George Town constituency offers little encouragement to the government over its cruise berthing plan for the capital.

Mr. Bryan is directly polling his constituents to ask them what position he should take on the controversial project.

So far, he has reached just under 400 of the 1,250 registered electors in his district. According to Mr. Bryan, 40 percent have come out against the dock, 40 percent said they were unsure or did not feel there was enough information, and 20 percent supported the dock.

Mr. Bryan said Cayman was small enough for representatives to go directly to the people on major issues.

He said he personally had doubts about the wisdom of the project, based on the information available, but was open to changing his position if and when the full information on the cost of the project and other factors were made available.

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He said the aim of his poll was simply to gauge what the people in his district, the area where the new piers will be located, felt about the project.

“The key factor for me is that I can go to the Legislative Assembly and say confidently that I know what my people’s position is,” he said. “I can use that as my personal guidance on whether to support the government or not.”

Though he has indicated his support for a referendum as the best way for the issue to be decided, Mr. Bryan said he is not pre-judging the results of his poll. He continues to reach out to voters in an effort to get as close to 100 percent as possible.

“If the poll comes back and says 60 percent are in favor of the port, then I will stand on any podium anywhere and give my full backing to the project,” he said. “At this point, all the indications are that people don’t want me to support this project based on what they have heard so far.”

He said he had reached out to Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell to offer him the chance to meet with his constituents and provide more information on the project, but so far the minister has declined those invitations.


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