Governor Roper: Defending media freedom

Martyn Roper

World Press Freedom Day [May 3] is about celebrating the fundamental principles of media freedom and defending journalists and media workers as they go about their job. The work the UK is doing to push the media freedom agenda forward is one of the top Foreign and Commonwealth Office priorities. Having a global spotlight shone on these kind of issues helps raise international awareness. Here in the Cayman Islands we are fortunate to have a lively and vibrant media. The media have an important responsibility for integrity and accuracy. A free media protects our right to speak out and our right to information. It enables society to be free, fair and open and can be the foundation for economic prosperity. It is important that we continue to see the media as underpinning the values of democracy and not as an adversary.

Martyn Roper is governor of the Cayman Islands.


  1. And as we observe World Press Freedom Day let us all remember Lyra McKee – shot dead on 18 April covering riots in Northern Ireland at the age of 29. That didn’t happen in some far-off war – it happened in the UK.

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