School’s out for summer

With summer break already started for some or just days away for others, Cayman teachers and students are eagerly anticipating their summer plans.

Cayman International School started its summer break on Thursday with a ‘Civvies Day’ for students, and everyone there seemed to be looking forward to the long-awaited days of sleeping in, chilling out, seeing old friends, travelling or just basically doing nothing.

Grade 10 student Derek Peene perhaps explained it best, when he said simply, “I am looking forward to just not being in school.”

Travel seems to be the agenda for many students during summer break, whether to Miami, Florida, Disney World, or even the Australian outback. Others thought getting caught up on some more shuteye after having to roll out of bed at the crack of dawn during school time would be the proper thing to do.

Pre-K students in teacher Jessica Wolfenden’s class were excited about the summer. “My daddy and I are going to Africa,” said one student. “I am going with my sister and mum to New York City and Canada,” said another. “I am going away for my birthday to Australia,” said one more.

“Students enjoyed a glow dance party,” said Wolfenden. “My class loves to dance, and they were just finishing up an amazing year.”

Teacher Alyssa Brock and students enjoy an outdoor reading lesson on their last day of the school year.

Grade 10 student Dejea Lyons said she had a lot of opportunities coming her way for the summer holidays – especially with her dance career. She will be doing a recital and travelling to Trinidad to represent Cayman in a Caribbean festival. “I’m really excited about that,” she said.

Meanwhile, fellow student Jayden Mannisto said he was looking forward to getting time off from school and visiting family in Canada.

Student William Dyer says he will be playing sports over the summer, and Nicholas Corin was going home to Vancouver, Canada, to see friends and family.

Teacher Jana Hartley was not looking forward to being without the kids all summer. She said she moved to Cayman to have fun teaching again after retiring. “The kids are amazing,” she said.

Hartley said this summer she and her husband will take a trip with Habitat for Humanity to Budapest, adding in a few days in London and Vienna, and going home to see their children and grandkids.

Students at CIS show off sports cards they were hoping to trade with other students. – Photos: Alvaro Serey

According to Caitlin Crumpton, CIS communications and marketing officer, 650 kids attend Cayman International School. The new school year in August will see some 750 students at the school.

“On the last day of school, the kids are most looking forward to their parties and summer. They get to go on lots of trips and spend time with their families,” Crumpton said.

Other schools across Cayman are also gearing up for closing their doors for the summer, with government schools closing on Tuesday, 25 June.

Students at Cayman International School enjoy a play day as school closes for the summer break.

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