Nearly 94% of port petition signatures verified

332 more signatures can trigger referendum

As of Saturday afternoon, the effort to prompt a referendum into the proposed cruise ship port needed just 332 more verified signatures to move the process forward.

The Elections Office on Monday released the latest statistics on its verification of a petition calling for a public vote on the project, stating that 93.7% of the submitted signatures had been verified.

Cruise Port Referendum Cayman began collecting petition signatures a year ago and handed the petition containing 5,438 signatures to the Elections Office on 12 June. Since then, another 303 signatures have been submitted.

Governor Martyn Roper tasked the Elections Office with verifying the petition signatures, a process that involved staffers carrying out door-to-door checks, or inviting signatories to verify their names at the Elections Office on Smith Road.

Two other referendums have gone to voters in Cayman, but this would be the first people-initiated one.

In order to trigger a referendum, 5,292 signatures, or 25% of Cayman’s 21,116 registered voters, are required. So far, 4,960 of 5,741 submitted signatures have been verified.

If the threshold is achieved, Cabinet would be required to put forth the referendum for a vote. Cabinet would also decide on the wording of the referendum and its question.


  1. I applaud the organizers of the referendum for their diligence to date.

    But the odds are sadly stacked against them to stop this awful project.

    The UK Brexit referendum rules were that the side with the most votes wins. Thus 17.2 million voted to leave and it passed. But only 70% of the population voted, a record turnout itself. So the UK voted to leave the EU with about 1/3 of all registered voters.

    The government has set the rules differently here in Cayman. To win here they will need over 50% of ALL REGISTERED VOTERS. If such an unfair rule had controlled the Brexit vote they would have lost.

    In fact, due to people being sick, not interested, off island, too old it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get over 50% of ALL VOTERS to vote. No matter how good the cause.

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