The number of registered voters continues its steady increase.

There are now 21,383 voters on the official register of electors as of 1 Jan., according to the Elections Office’s website.

That’s an increase of 166 people compared to the October 2019 list.

However, the number of eligible voters is expected to increase further, when the Elections Office releases a new list for 1 April 2020 in the coming days.

The deadline to get on that list ended last Thursday.

Elections Supervisor Wesley Howell told the Cayman Compass, on Monday, that registering officers are still processing those forms.

While he said the new total for the electors roll was not available, Howell noted that 115 people signed up to register to vote on 2 Jan.

The 21,383 people who made it on the January 2020 list are eligible to vote in the upcoming referendum on the construction of a proposed $200 million cruise berthing facility and upgrades to the current cargo port.

The referendum has been delayed due to a judicial review in the Grand Court. Justice Timothy Owens in December granted leave to apply for the judicial review and set down a trial for 20 Jan. pending courtroom availability. It is unclear when the referendum will occur, and this uncertainty also extends to the newly registered voters.

When asked if the people who registered in time for the April 2020 list will be able to vote in the referendum, Howell said last week, “This depends on the outcome of the legal matter before the courts and the timing of the new referendum date.”

He added, “Constitutionally, Cabinet sets the referendum date, however the matters before the courts would have to be concluded before Cabinet would consider a new date.”

Case at a glance:
Last November Cruise Port Referendum member Shirley Roulstone filed for judicial review of the government’s decision to hold a referendum in the absence of an updated Environmental Impact Assessment. She also objected to the date 19 Dec. for the referendum. A stay was granted delaying the referendum. The case is set for trial from 22-24 Jan.

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