Swimmers cross North Sound to honour Brown

Two of the five swimmers who participated in the 8 Aug. 10K swim near the end of their journey. - Photo: Seaford Russell Jr.

Five young athletes swam 10 kilometres (6.2 miles) across the North Sound on Saturday to honour the late Emmanuel ‘Manny’ Brown.

Posted by Stingray Swim Club on Saturday, August 8, 2020

The event was organised to raise funds for athletes and families who can’t afford to participate in competitive swimming, as well as to promote boating safety.

Jake Bailey, Alex Dakers, Kyra Rabess, Elana Sinclair and Brown’s daughter, Raya Embury-Brown, all took off from Starfish Point at around 6:15am. The swimmers made their way into the George Town Yacht Club channel around 9am with spectators cheering them on.

“I’m incredibly proud of those five.”

Embury-Brown finished first and was greeted by friends and family. “It honestly wasn’t too bad, the current was pretty nice. It was just perfect conditions and it went really well,” she said.

Stingray Swim Club head coach David Pursley kayaked alongside the athletes, and representatives from the Department of Environment and the Cayman Islands Coast Guard, along with several other volunteers, assisted on the water.

“I’m incredibly proud of those five,” said Pursley. “There is no one in this world that goes from lockdown and just a few weeks later doing a 10K.

“After Manny’s death, we wanted to promote boating safety because there is no boating licence in Cayman that is required,” said Pursley. “It’s up to the community to police ourselves to make sure we’re using proper practices. Today was a huge testament of what boating safety can do, how enjoyable the water can be, and all the great things we can do in the sea.”

Pursley said he’s already thinking about next year.

“We’re working on doing this for the future,” he said. “We want this to be something for years to come.”

Organisers did not say how much money was raised through the event.

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