National Trust updating historic homes register

The National Museum is housed in the oldest public building in the Cayman Islands, and is featured in the National Trust's Heritage Register.

National Trust volunteers will be in the community over the next few months as the Trust compiles information to help it update its Heritage Register of historic homes and sites.

The volunteers will be gathering data about old-time Caymanian homes and other historical structures, artefacts and relics, the Trust stated in a press release issued on Friday.

“Our data collectors will have identification cards to confirm they are representing the National Trust and we ask the public to please assist them as best as possible. They will be taking photos and speaking with persons about the history of their homes and the important familial relations or prominent persons that make each structure special.

“We would like to thank the entire Cayman Islands community for accommodating us as we go about highlighting the Islands’ past for present and future generations,” the release noted.

According to the Trust’s website, the Heritage Register is a record of Cayman’s natural, historic and cultural resources which are recognised and designated by the Council of the National Trust as being nationally significant and worthy of preservation. The register is a requirement of the National Trust Law.

The register, which was started in the late 1990s, contains more than 330 sites of importance, including historic homes, civic and religious structures, and some natural features. “Together, they demonstrate what the Cayman Islands looked like in its early years and how much the islands have changed due to development and the general effects of time,” the website entry noted.

The current properties listed on the register can be viewed at the National Trust’s website.

For information on the register, email [email protected].

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