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Roads a major feature of upcoming budget

Major investment in Cayman’s “creaking” road network will be among the key commitments when government reveals its spending plans for the next two years on Friday.

Premier welcomes judgment

Premier Alden McLaughlin welcomed the Court of Appeal’s decision Thursday to put the issue of same-sex marriage back in the hands of the elected government.

COMPASS PICKS: Big game on tap at top of the table

It's another busy week of games in the English Premier League, and Compass forecaster James Whittaker has broken down the schedule from the top of the table to the bottom.

No ‘liking’ port posts for civil servants

Civil servants have been warned that they cannot be involved in campaigning for one side or the other in the run-up to the referendum on the port project.

19 Dec confirmed as referendum date

Government published the regulations to the Referendum (People Initiated Referendum Regarding the Port) Law this week, confirming the poll question and the date of 19 Dec.

Port poll highlights lack of proper referendum law

The absence of a proper referendum law in the Cayman Islands has been flagged as a major concern by all sides on the road to the port poll.

Compass Picks: Martial can lead Manchester United’s revival

Compass reporter James Whittaker found his footing last week, when he correctly predicted the outcome of six English Premier League games. Can you do...

Government passes port referendum bill

Government passed a bill Wednesday afternoon paving the way for the historic people-initiated referendum on the port project to go ahead.

Bernie Bush quits government

West Bay legislator Bernie Bush said he would be switching sides of the house and joining the opposition benches after speaking out against the...

Date and question to be dropped from Referendum Bill

Government will drop the date and question from the Referendum Bill in an effort to head off potential legal action, Attorney General Samuel Bulgin...

Premier urges Caymanians to ‘choose prosperity’

Painting the issue as a choice between “prosperity and decline”, Premier Alden McLaughlin tabled a bill for a referendum on the cruise and cargo port project Monday.

Stage set for national debate

  Cayman's legislators go to the House today to thrash out the details of a law that will officially set the clock ticking towards the...

Campaigners consider legal action on eve of port debate

Lawyers acting for the Cruise Port Referendum Cayman campaign group are considering legal action if government pushes ahead with its current plans for a December poll.

Drawing a line in the sand

Concern over public access to the beach is an issue that has festered for decades in the Cayman Islands. A 2018 report revealed that...

Opposition calls for expanded parental leave

Opposition politicians are pushing for more generous parental leave allowances for mums in the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Compass highlighted the issue in a special...

Governor encourages large referendum turnout

Governor Martyn Roper has encouraged as many Caymanians as possible to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming people-initiated referendum on the controversial cruise port project.

Compass Picks: Liverpool to return to winning track

Compass forecaster James Whittaker went 4-for-10 in his first week handicapping the English Premier League schedule, and he’s back for another shot at winning the whole lot.

Under the weed, life abounds

The large floating mats of algae provide shelter for juvenile fish, eels and sea turtles. Flying fish lay their eggs amid this tangled mass. A vast cast of eclectic critters, like the thumbnail-sized sargassum frog fish, live their entire lives within the weed.

Work to begin on capping unsightly landfill

Work to cap and cover Mount Trashmore – Grand Cayman’s infamous landfill site – will begin early next year, according to a joint statement from government and the Dart group.

Cayman among the least family friendly countries

The Cayman Islands ranks among the least ‘family friendly’ of the world’s richest countries when it comes to parental leave.
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