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Which way now for cruise tourism?

Covid-19 has decimated the cruise industry, killed off the controversial pier project and fundamentally shifted the key questions about the future of this sector of our tourism market. What type of industry will emerge from the shadow of the pandemic and does Cayman want to be a part of it?

Drug smuggler’s memoir makes waves in Cayman

A Cayman drug smuggler who ran a cannabis-importation and money-laundering ring with links to Panamanian dictator Manuel Norigea has published a book about his life.

Tour bus drivers: “It’s a scary situation”

Cayman's tour bus operators have been among the worst hit by the tourism shut down. With little prospect of cruise ships returning any time soon, they don't know where to turn for help.

Cullers dent lionfish lockdown explosion

Lionfish hunters culled more than 300 of the invasive predators during a two-day competition last weekend

New push for digital payments

Cayman’s payment systems lag behind the rest of the world, and reform is needed to help businesses survive, according to Digital Cayman.

Smart Island: Tech investment could drive new economy

In the latest in our Cayman 2.0 series, we look at how COVID-19 is sparking new ambition to put tech at the centre of Cayman’s economic recovery.

Pandemic accelerated development of food delivery app

Smartphone-based food-delivery business Let’s Eat may be the first successful new venture of the COVID era.

Cullers seek to gain back ground on lionfish population

The recovery of nature in the absence of humans during lockdown has been one of the silver linings to the coronavirus crisis. Lionfish are the exception to that phenomenon.

Restaurants in ‘survival mode’ amid COVID downturn

Survival is the main goal for Cayman’s restaurants as they seek to stay in business in the absence of tourists and with the local population declining each week.

Governor: ‘Sad day for the rule of law’

Cayman Islands Governor Martyn Roper expressed disappointment at the defeat of the Domestic Partnership Bill in the Legislative Assembly today, declaring it a "sad...

Tourism Minister: ‘We won’t take undue risks’

Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell says the island is not taking any 'undue risks' with its soft reopening of the border in September.

Tourism plan targets route back to half a million visitors

Cayman Islands tourism leaders today unveiled a comprehensive action plan for the recovery of the industry following the devastating impact of the coronavirus crisis.

Renewable energy offers huge jobs potential for post-COVID Cayman

A genuine commitment to renewable energy could help drive a green jobs revolution as Cayman seeks to kickstart the economy in the aftermath of the coronavirus crisis, industry leaders believe.

Five ideas for a green recovery

As Cayman plans its vision for a post-COVID future, ideas are emerging for a green recovery. Here we summarise some of the recommendations from various reports and advisors that they say can help grow jobs and protect the environment.

Green recovery proposed for post-COVID Cayman

Environmental protection and economic growth have typically been viewed as opposite sides of the argument in the debate over Cayman’s long-term future.
Camana Bay

Work-from-home trend could impact commercial real estate

One obvious side-effect of the work-from-home movement is likely to be the demand for office space.

Remote Island: A new era for working life?

In the latest of our Cayman 2.0 series examining how the coronavirus crisis will impact the long term future of the Cayman Islands, we examine the world of work.

R3 Foundation readying Cayman for next threats

The newly-formed R3 Foundation is raising a significant war chest to help Cayman be better prepared for the next potential disaster. The private-sector-led organisation, seeded...

What is the Strategic Economic Advisory Council?

A quick guide to the committee shaping the vision for Cayman's post COVID-19 future

Cayman 2.0: Rethinking the vision for our islands

Over the next two months, the Cayman Compass will explore the challenges and opportunities that face Cayman as it plans for a post-COVID world. In the first of an ongoing series, journalist James Whittaker talks to some of the key players shaping the vision of the island’s future.

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