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Farm plants seeds of hope

Beacon Farms is pushing ahead with plans to produce coconut oil, grow tobacco and experiment with other marketable products to help fund its work with recovering addicts.

Trade School moves a step closer

Cayman’s first trade school plans to open its doors next month after being granted a licence by the Education Council.

Premier reaches out to stricken Bahamas

Premier Alden McLaughlin paid a flying visit to the Bahamas Monday to offer Cayman’s solidarity and support to the hurricane-hit island chain.

Charges brought in hospital security probe

Two men have been charged with various corruption offences in connection with a probe into alleged abuses of overtime by security staff at the Health Services Authority.

Battery storage could mean cheaper, cleaner power

A new utility scale battery storage project could mean cheaper electricity bills and accelerate Cayman’s switch to renewable energy, regulators said Monday.

Trust defends chairman amid concern over Beach Bay ‘conflict’

The National Trust has defended its chairman, architect Andrew Gibb, following public criticism of his role in a planning application for a new resort in Beach Bay.

Cabinet to begin drafting port referendum bill

Government will seek to hold the referendum on the cruise and cargo port “as quickly as possible”, Premier Alden McLaughlin has said.

Scientists warn port project will impact Seven Mile Beach

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute has urged Cayman to “consider the long lasting impacts” of the cruise port development and warned it will affect Seven Mile Beach.

Iguana cull warning as stray shot hits home

The window of a Grand Cayman home was shattered by a stray shot, believed to be from a green iguana cull team, prompting a new safety warning over the ongoing cull.

Man shot in George Town

A man suffered a serious injury after being shot Friday evening in George Town.

UPDATED: Historic first as Cayman heads for port referendum

Campaigners were celebrating a historic first for the Cayman Islands this week after the Elections Office confirmed the target had been reached to trigger a people-initiated referendum on the cruise port project.

Air crew: Dorian’s devastation ‘50 times worse’ than Irma

Cayman’s RCIPS air crew returned from their week-long humanitarian mission to hurricane-hit Bahamas Thursday with harrowing first-hand accounts of the devastation in Abaco and Grand Bahama.

Campaigners call for release of reports before referendum

With a referendum on the controversial cruise and cargo port project now looking inevitable, campaigners are calling for the release of detailed information about the project before a vote takes place.

Cruise port referendum target reached

Cayman is heading for its first ever people initiated referendum after the Election's Office confirmed it has verified 5,305 signatures from registered voters - taking the petition past the target required to trigger a national vote on the cruise port project.

Neighbours outline objections to Beach Bay resort

Around 40 neighbouring residents spelled out some of their objections to a 125-room Mandarin Oriental hotel and condo development in Beach Bay during a meeting of the Central Planning Authority Wednesday.

Genetically modified mosquitoes transfer genes into natural populations

Genetically modified mosquitoes, like those released in Grand Cayman, successfully interbred with natural populations in Brazil, according to the authors of a new study in the Nature science journal.

Cayman cops in the thick of Bahamas aid mission

A Cayman police air crew is helping evacuate victims and deliver supplies to some of the worst-hit areas of the Bahamas in the aftermath of deadly Hurricane Dorian.

Clampdown on rogue car dealers

Government is beginning to clamp down on unlicensed traders selling imported cars by the roadside.

Updated curriculum launched for Cayman’s primary schools

A new curriculum with a greater focus on science and technology is being introduced in Cayman’s primary schools this year.

Call for pepper spray to be legalised

Cayman Islands residents should be allowed to carry pepper spray or similar weapons for self-defence, according to North Side legislator Ezzard Miller.
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