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More than $10 million in airport cost overruns

The total estimated cost of the Owen Roberts International Airport upgrade was around $64 million as of last August, an overrun of some $10.5 million from original contract prices, according to a report on the project from the Office of the Auditor General.

Compass investigation: Dissecting the airport bottleneck

Even amid intense construction on a new terminal that will triple capacity, passengers have begun to question if Cayman’s multi-million dollar airport upgrade goes far enough.

Airports Authority thanks student volunteers

Staging a mock aviation emergency is no easy task, and for an exercise held on the Brac last year, dozens of high school students donned makeup and put their acting talents to work to play victims for the numerous responders taking part.

EDITORIAL – Port drops car: A ‘crash course’ in immunity clauses

The Williams family’s new life in the Cayman Islands started off with a bang — and a crash, and a thud … But no “I’m sorry” from port personnel who dropped their shipping container, causing tens of thousands of dollars of damage to its contents, including their car, scooters and other property.

EDITORIAL – Hurricane Matthew: Embracing our role as host and haven

Along with the rest of humanity, we in Cayman will send our prayers, empathy and material assistance to the victims of Hurricane Matthew. Cayman has experienced the cataclysmic consequences of a major hurricane at much too near a distance, that is, firsthand.

EDITORIAL – When government can do no wrong

What immunity clauses such as Section 12 of the HSA Law do is create a climate of “victors versus victims,” where the victors are the public agencies, and the victims are the ordinary members of Cayman society.

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