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All three defendants not guilty on drug charges

A jury found Marvin Gregory Grant guilty of robbery, but not guilty of conspiracy to supply controlled drugs in connection with a robbery on the beach at Morritt’s Resort on Christmas Eve.

Judge queries package contents in resort robbery

The housekeeping manager at Morritt’s Resort was the first witness called in the trial of three men charged in connection with a robbery there on Christmas Eve last year.

Jury chosen for cocaine robbery trial

Jurors and alternates were chosen in Grand Court on Wednesday for the trial of three men who have pleaded not guilty to charges relating to a Christmas Eve robbery and possession of cocaine.

Third man charged for Christmas Eve cocaine robbery

Al Elford McLaughlin, 47, appeared in Summary Court Thursday on charges relating to a robbery at Morritt’s Resort in which an estimated 60 pounds of cocaine were taken by force from a security guard who had custody of the illegal drug.

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