Jurors and alternates were chosen in Grand Court on Wednesday for the trial of three men who have pleaded not guilty to charges relating to a Christmas Eve robbery and possession of cocaine.

Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Patrick Moran confirmed to media only that the charges pertain to the robbery of a number of packages of cocaine on Dec. 24 in the vicinity of Morritt’s Resort in East End.

The defendants are Marvin Gregory Grant, represented by attorney Anthony Akiwumi; Fred Allon McLaughlin, represented by attorneys Laurence Aiolfi and Jonathon Hughes; and Al Elford McLaughlin, represented by attorney Crister Brady.

Persons present for jury selection were given the names of witnesses for the trial and asked to advise the court if any were close friends or relatives. They were also directed to let the court know if they knew anyone who worked at Morritt’s.

Justice Roger Chapple told the seven selected jurors and two alternates that, at the moment, they knew nothing whatsoever about the case, not even the charges the defendants faced. He asked them to resist any temptation to find out from the internet or any other source.

The general charges referred to above are cited on the published, public court list.

Judge Chapple explained that he would be dealing with preliminary legal issues for a day or so and then there was a lengthy list of other matters set for Friday. On that basis, he told released the jurors and alternates until Monday morning, Oct. 8.

A number of potential jurors were not present when their names was called. Judge Chapple said he did not propose to deal with them that day. Jurors who are summoned but fail to attend without being excused are subject to a fine of $500.

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