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Letter: Payment of legal costs

Section 7 of the Cayman Constitution says that everyone has a right to have their legal rights and obligations determined by a court. But it could as well have said that only people who have a lot of money have that right.
An aerial view of the business area of downtown George Town, Grand Cayman

‘Onerous standards’ ahead in money laundering review

A long-anticipated review of Cayman’s anti-money laundering and anti-terrorism financing protections is due to occur next month and Attorney General Samuel Bulgin has warned the territory not to expect an easy pass.

Revolt of the attorneys general

Among the many unintended legacies of Barack Obama, one has gone largely unnoticed: the emergence of a novel form of resistance to executive overreach, a check-and-balance improvised in reaction to his various presidential power grabs.

Lawmakers lessen police court burden

A bill approved by Cayman Islands lawmakers on Friday will allow government workers other than police officers to serve court witness summons. According to Attorney General Samuel Bulgin, changes made to the criminal procedure code identify court bailiffs and other court personnel to serve witness summonses.

New Anti-Corruption Commission ‘must regain public trust’

For the first time in its existence, the Cayman Islands Anti-Corruption Commission is no longer presided over by a member of local law enforcement and has no government employees appointed to its membership.

Two new attorneys called to the Bar

Cayman has two new attorneys after Caymanian civil servant Gavin Blake Dixon and former U.K. lawyer Oliver Edward Goodwin were called to the Bar...

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