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Shelters ready

For those who will evacuate their homes due to Hurricane Emily, the government has 18 shelters set up throughout the Cayman Islands, although it will not be known which ones will open until late Friday or early Saturday.

Shelter wardens on the job

When Hurricane Dennis was expected to affect Cayman, Ms Babry Dale Hurlston began her duties as North Side shelter warden at 2.30pm on Thursday.

BT students put lessons to use

Students from Bodden Town Primary School recently put their textbook knowledge to the test by doing some grocery shopping.

A toy for every girl and boy

Preparations are under way for what could be the biggest Christmas toy giveaway in Cayman Islands history. The Noahs Ark Traveling Christmas Celebration will take place four days next week. The project will give Grand Caymans children some 6,000 toys valued at more than $150,000.

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