BT students put lessons to use

Students from Bodden Town Primary School recently put their textbook knowledge to the test by doing some grocery shopping.

The 31 students, who were accompanied by their teachers, Ms Avril Cogle-Juggi, Mrs Erni Grant and Mr Jory Scott, went to Foster’s Supermarket on Thursday 17 February and turned their book smarts into street smarts by tapping into the practical value of their school lessons.

They had to apply the concept of a healthy diet, as learned in a social studies lesson, by buying food that was, for example, low in fat and fortified with vitamins. They also applied math skills by keeping shopping lists within a $10-budget.

Done with buying, they thanked Foster’s staff for their patience and understanding by writing to them on thank-you cards designed during an art lesson.

This field trip has been an enriching experience for our Year Four pupils. Not only did they enjoy themselves, but they also now understand the value of money, know how to work within budget constraints and learnt to resist the temptation of sugar and fats. said their teachers.

The field trip was also an example of how students learn from a planned, inter-disciplinary curriculum.

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