Adventists put love into action

The Cayman Chapter of the Adventist Development Relief Agency in concert with ADRA International, ADRA Inter-America, ADRA UK and the Cayman Islands Conference of Seventh-day Adventists spent over US$38,677 in the month of February to rebuild roofs for 17 families, who lost their house roofs as a result of Hurricane Ivan.

Dr. Jeffrey K. Thompson, president, CICSDA coordinated this programme.

ADRA Cayman demonstrated love in action by providing several teams of skilled carpenters, who donated their labour on a voluntary basis to build and repair roofs, so that the beneficiaries could occupy their houses quickly. In fact, this approach ensured that the materials were put to the intended use.

It should be noted that ADRA Cayman focused on helping the uninsured. Help was provided to the needy in every district in Grand Cayman from East End to West Bay. Moreover, the following items were donated: plywood, asphalt shingles, sheets of zinc tar paper (felt), roofing nails, and lumber.

ADRA International Adventist Church works in 120 countries, bringing relief and development to mankind regardless of ethnic, political or religious affiliation. Therefore, in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan ADRA Cayman under the leadership of Mrs. Shirlene Henriques donated bails of clothing to the needy from two 40 foot containers acquired before the passing of Ivan.

Similarly, the Adventist Services and Industries under the leadership of Elder Rohan Riley provided grief counselling and stress management seminars at the various hurricane shelters on a rotating basis. ASi-Cayman also sponsored gospel concerts at the various hurricane shelters from East End to West Bay to boost the morale of hundreds of homeless people.

The Governor, Mr. Bruce Dinwiddy, and Mrs. Dinwiddy attended the first concert at the Prospect shelter and commended ASi-Cayman for its bold initiative.

The Community Services Department of the George Town Adventist under the guidance of Pastor Caple Thompson removed debris from yards, repaired houses, and provided free hot soup to the needy.

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