Dr. Brodlie returns with tomes

Dr. Jerry Brodlie, the child psychologist who visited Grand Cayman after Ivan to offer support and guidance to teachers and parents, has turned up trumps again.

This time he brought in 3000 library books for schools.

The books, both fiction and non-fiction and suitable for all ages, were donated by US schools with which Dr. Brodlie has connections.

The Convent of the Sacred Heart in Connecticut, led the initiative, and teacher Ruth Di Dominica was instrumental in getting DHL to ship the books to Grand Cayman free of charge. Students from Sacred Heart placed their names in the book parcels, hoping that they will become pen pals with children in Grand Cayman, states a GIS press release.

Another school, Eagle Hill in Greenwich New York, also contributed books, as did the Weston Connecticut Library.

Chief Education Officer Nyda Flatley said she is delighted with the generous gesture. ‘Many of our schools lost resources, including library books, in the hurricane, so these gifts will help enormously.’

A practicing child psychologist, Dr. Brodlie is also Professor Emeritus at Yale and Connecticut State Universities, as well as a regular correspondent on childhood issues for the CBS Network. Dr Brodlie has given many helpful talks and offered ongoing advice to the Islands’ teachers, counselors and parents, on how to cope with post-traumatic stress.

‘His calm, assured and very knowledgeable approach has greatly influenced our teachers in the way that they have organized their classes and dealt with students in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan,’ said Mrs Flatley.

Dr. Brodlie has been visiting Cayman since 1985 and owns a home at Cayman Kai. During his recent two-week stay with his wife, he also found time to meet with counselors and teachers from George Hicks and John Gray High Schools.