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Free public school meal programme launched

A public school programme that ultimately aims to provide free breakfasts, lunches and snacks to all 5,200 public school students, launched last week with the beginning of the new school year.

Closing the divide: Education programme expands into West Bay

An innovative education programme that provides intensive extra tutoring for children from under privileged backgrounds is expanding into West Bay.

Transformation of England’s ‘worst school’ a lesson for Cayman?

The story of how the ‘worst school in England’ was transformed to become one of the country’s best has been highlighted as a blueprint for the Cayman Islands to follow if it wants to integrate schools and raise standards.
Teacher with students in desegregated classroom

Poll: Should government schools be desegregated?

Do you support policies that would allow for the children of Caymanians and the children of expats to mix more freely in the islands' schools?

DES to students: Continue exam prep as normal

The Department of Education Services is advising students to continue their usual examination preparations until regional and international boards provide clarity on this year’s scheduled tests.

Confusion and concern over school holiday extension

The decision to extend the school Christmas break by two weeks has been greeted with a mix of confusion and concern by parents.

Ministry confirms school re-start date pushed back

Cayman's government schools will remain closed for two weeks longer than planned as the holiday break has been extended, Education Minister Juliana O’Connor-Connolly has announced.

Education and opportunity in Cayman: 10 things we have learned

A review of some of the key conclusions and ideas coming out of the Compass' Issues series on education and opportunity in Cayman, from the perspective of those it impacts most – the students themselves.

Ask the Experts – Education in Cayman

On today's roundtable, we tackle the issue of education in Cayman -- what is working, what is not, what are some "big" ideas to help transform and improve schooling in these islands.

69 Cayman CXC exam results under review

Reviews of Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) results are under way, with 69 exam results from Cayman among those being re-examined.

Class of COVID-19: Pandemic is shaping future of Cayman’s graduates

This generation of Cayman Islands students is graduating into a changed world amid the ongoing impact of the pandemic. COVID-19 has brought disruption, anxiety and mental health challenges for young people but it is also shaping a desire to make their world and their island a better place.

Anxiety and hope for class of 2020

Teachers and counsellors at Cayman’s high schools watched their students graduate in the midst of a pandemic with a mixture of anxiety, pride and hope for their futures.

Students getting almost 3,000 laptops

A public-private sector initiative is working to provide 2,850 laptops to public-school students throughout Cayman.

My Cayman 2.0: ‘Higher education can be new economic sector’

In the first of our 'My Cayman 2.0' series of guest columns, economist and former UCCI professor Thomas Phillips makes the case for transformative change in the way higher education is delivered in Cayman.

New principal goes from quarantine to school reopening

Cayman International School's new director Jim Urquhart came straight out of quarantine in July to oversee the final preparations for the start of the new term in August.

YMCA camps helped parents get back to work

More than 500 children have attended YMCA summer camps over the past six weeks, inspiring some confidence over the pending school restart.

The conversation about masks at school

It's one of the most contentious topics for parents and educators alike as Cayman approaches the 2020/21 school year - mask requirements in schools.

Live: Ask the Experts – Back to School

Masks, staggered starts, sanitation -- we know you have plenty of questions as Cayman heads into the 2020/21 school year. So we've lined up...

Higher education key to success in Cayman’s ‘knowledge economy’

The value of higher education is expected to increase dramatically as Cayman seeks to expand its ‘knowledge-based’ economy in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Re-educating Cayman: Economic crash highlights gaps in workforce development

The latest instalment of our Cayman 2.0 series looks at how the pandemic has exposed weaknesses in the island’s education and training system and highlights some of the solutions being proposed by business and education leaders.

Science and tech education could shape Cayman’s future

Glenda McTaggart, education programmes manager for Dart’s Minds Inspired programme, discusses the ripple effects of the coronavirus, and advocates for more technical and vocational training and a greater focus on science and technology in schools.

Ask the Experts: Education in the time of COVID-19

Following the Education Minister's comments last week, we talk about what the next school year may look like. Joining us to discuss education in...
Tiyen Miller has sought out interactive learning opportunities for his son during the shutdown.

Cayman parents respond to school, work closures

When news broke that all Cayman schools would close for six weeks, from 16 March to 27 April, parents were immediately on alert.

Funds available for early childhood programme

The Ministry of Education is accepting applications for the Early Childhood Assistance Programme for the next school year.

Put more resources into education

Cayman’s educational system appears to have a fatal flaw. I am an American tourist and occasional visitor to the Cayman Islands. I quickly noticed that...

Clifton Hunter High School progress is weak

Clifton Hunter High School continues to register weak progress according to a recent follow-up inspection by the Office of Education Standards. In the initial inspection,...

Educators shine at Golden Apple Awards

It was a poignant moment at Saturday’s Golden Apple Awards when Glenn Whewell commandeered the microphone at the end of a speech by Jennifer Artuch, who had just been named the top high school teacher in a private school.

Column: ‘Privatisation’ is what makes charter schools great

Do the math, and it’s clear that a majority of publicly funded services are now delivered by private or-ganisations.

Letter: Teaching is a noble, necessary calling

All teachers make great sacrifices in their lives, time and income, all only to give.

EDITORIAL — Why care about school inspections?

The new school inspection framework sets appropriately high expectations. Now it is up to us to reach the bar.

Trade school

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – Skilled trades offer students a path to success

Mr. Myles is to be commended, and his efforts supported – particularly by parents and educators who influence young people’s choices and who may be unaware of today’s job market realities.

Column: What parents in the college admissions scandal got wrong

Without good measures of what makes a college good, we fall back to the power of popularity and exclusivity. The more applications a school gets and the more students it rejects, the better it seems.

McAfee: Education is a public good

With the understanding that an educated populace is a country’s most important resource and that developing human potential is arguably the most significant responsibility of every society, UNESCO is calling on “governments and all partners to make universal quality education a leading priority.”

Emba: Ivy League mania warps students and colleges alike

The story is appalling, and it appeared at a moment when it is clear that our obsession with elite education is out of control. America’s deification of schools like Harvard, Princeton and Yale distorts everything in their orbit – and far too much is.

EDITORIAL – Education 102: A ‘re-introduction’ to Cayman’s schools

In first world countries, this sort of information falls into the category of “old news” (or “not news”) because the figures typically are well-known and readily available to the public. In Cayman – well …. Suffice to say that our reporter Mark Muckenfuss put his phone book, Rolodex and records searching ability to good use.

Educational pitch

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – The high cost of low-performing schools

The poor report on Clifton Hunter demonstrates the truism that, beyond an easy-to-discern level of sufficient investment (i.e. safe and comfortable facilities of adequate size), pouring additional resources into a school – whether it be in the form of sparkling buildings or new technologies – does little to improve the amount of learning that takes place within that school.

School bus stop

Today's editorial cartoon.

EDITORIAL – Celebrating our academic champions

Our children’s future success will depend on their ability to compete in a global workforce which is highly skilled, technically proficient and based on continuous learning and improvement.

EDITORIAL – Respect school buses, protect Cayman’s schoolchildren

Road Safety 101: When you see red flashing lights on a school bus, stop your car. There is no excuse not to.

EDITORIAL – A no-compromise commitment to public education

No single student, or clusters of multiple students, should EVER be allowed to disrupt the education of an entire class. Toughness is called for here – “understanding” can come later.

Back to school

EDITORIAL – A classroom for every child in Cayman

It is nothing short of irresponsible for government to pass a compulsory school attendance law, while effectively denying expatriates entrance to the public education system paid for, in large part, through their taxes and fees.

Will: A California election could catalyze K-12 improvements – and perhaps end the state’s...

Because about two of California’s 277,000 teachers (0.0007 percent) are dismissed each year for unsatisfactory performance, school districts resort to what is called “the dance of the lemons,” shuffling incompetent teachers from one school to another.

Morici: Merging education and labor departments makes sense

Many college graduates land in low-paying dead-end jobs and are saddled with a lifetime of debt when more practical alternatives are available.

School’s out

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – School’s out: Slow down and savor the summer

After months of early mornings, homework assignments and classroom lessons, children have the time and space to follow their own interests.

EDITORIAL – When Cayman’s private schools run out of space

When pondering a relocation (particularly to a foreign land), three questions rise to the forefront of every parent’s mind:
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Letter: Concerns about children and safety

I have been to see a Councilor in the Ministry of Education about several issues concerning our schoolchildren that are of great concern to me, and I believe others as well.

Morici: Apprenticeships offer an alternative to college

Redirecting federal and state funding from higher education is sorely needed to encourage more of these innovative programs.

Teaching entrepreneurship

In short, the liberal education system is skewed against entrepreneurship, particularly against small startups where sweat equity is the principal financing and where a single skill can be the foundation of a healthy enterprise.


Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Cayman government: UCCI’s ‘silent partner’

The education ministry’s, and education minister’s, prolonged snub of UCCI comes during a critical time, not only for the college but for the future of higher education in our country – and just at a moment when it is especially vital for avenues of information to be kept wide open.
Cayman Compass

Letter: ‘School is in’ at Layman E. Scott Sr. High School

The secondary modern high school opened 50 years ago this year on The Brac and boldly boasts of students excelling in CXC, IGCSE and in other extracurricular activities.
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EDITORIAL – Teen pregnancy: A social condition Cayman can’t afford

It’s a rare occasion when the Compass Editorial Board praises declining scores in our high schools. But the reported 44 percent drop in Cayman’s teen pregnancy rate is something to celebrate (albeit, with a fairly large caveat or two).

Unemployment answer

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Two leaders, opposing sides, shared priorities

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Opposition Leader Ezzard Miller may sit on opposite sides of the Legislative Assembly, but in their New Year’s messages, they appeared to be singing from the same hymnal.

Mitchell: How not to improve government schools

The simple reality is that giving more money to government schools is a foolish gesture.

Excellent schools

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – Congratulations to Cayman’s spelling champs

Felicitations are apropos for the Cayman Islands’ triumvirate of orthographic nonpareils. In other words … congratulations to the three winners of the country’s recent spelling bees

EDITORIAL – Envisioning a bright future for Cayman’s schools

Perhaps the boldest aspect of Mr. Scott’s vision for our public schools is that he believes in our public schools. On a subject that is too often characterized by disappointing news and lower expectations, Mr. Scott provides a much-needed voice for hope.

EDITORIAL – Tired of waiting for government? Take the initiative …

We have an abundance of tools, resources, expertise and willingness to take on Cayman’s tough problems. We just have to stop “waiting” and start acting.

Dan Scott: Optimistic on Cayman schools

Dan Scott thinks he can help make Cayman’s public schools attractive. He also believes it can be done fairly quickly.

EDITORIAL – ‘Help Wanted’: A bold vision for a world-class university

The retirement of Roy Bodden from the position of president at the University College of the Cayman Islands presents leaders with the opportunity to write a bold new chapter in the history of higher education in our country.

EDITORIAL – Excellent teachers: The secret to excellent schools

Like a good businessperson, a good teacher desires only a couple of things: First, adequate resources. Second, for government officials to get out of their way, and allow them to flourish in their chosen vocation.

Padlocked school

Today's editorial cartoon

How government plans to spend $1.5 billion

More than 80 percent of the Cayman Islands government’s core budget will be spent in five general areas over the next two years, according to a breakdown of planned public sector spending in 2018 and 2019.

A disconcerting raid on university endowments

Great universities are great because philanthropic generations have borne the cost of sustaining private institutions that seed the nation with excellence. Donors have done this in the expectation that earnings accruing from their investments will be devoted solely to educational purposes, in perpetuity.

Budget targets crime, education

Plans for an influx of 75 new police officers, a $9.6 million cash injection for education and funding for a series of major infrastructure projects were among the key commitments announced in the Cayman Islands government’s budget presentation Friday.

Letter: Supporting our youths’ musical development

For the last four years Cayman Arts Festival have worked with the government schools to identify and support gifted and talented students. Cayman Arts then puts everything possible in place to help the identified students succeed.

Bloomberg: Help low-income students to scale the ivory tower

America’s elite colleges are more selective than ever before. They also remain disproportionately populated by the wealthy – in part because many qualified students from poor backgrounds do not even apply.

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