Letter: Teaching is a noble, necessary calling

The constant talk about the port, roads, planes and airport expansion being for the future of Cayman is completely ignoring the people who are the future of Cayman: students. Young Caymanians and the offspring of expats that are married to Caymanians will inherit these islands.

Who is building them? Only teachers. Teachers are the least appreciated and most important element of a successful future.

Teachers are the most important people in the world, they are giants and the keepers and creators of all real knowledge and humanity.

Every great person, every leader, scientist, doctor or philosopher was born knowing only how to suckle. This, too, was refined and improved by everyone’s first and greatest teacher, Mother!

All else was learned from a teacher. A teacher that made selfless sacrifices which led them to their place in the world. All teachers make great sacrifices in their lives, time and income, all only to give. To love us and make us better, to push us to be the best we can be and to reach up.

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A great teacher came 2,000 years ago. A very great teacher and Rabbi gave us all the greatest gift of all, salvation, redemption and forgiveness.

Teachers are giants among men. There is no more noble or necessary calling than to teach your brothers and sisters.

Michael Powell

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