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Visiting grandmaster captures students’ interest in chess

A group of John Gray High School students crowded into the campus’ small library on Friday, just after lunch, to learn about chess from a master – a grandmaster, in fact.

Students master chess for tournament

More than 120 students from eight local schools participated in the inaugural Dart Minds Inspired Interschool Chess Tournament.

Visiting grandmaster supports Cayman’s chess program

Four-time women’s world chess champion, Hou Yifan, will visit the Cayman Islands this week to support the islands’ school chess program.

Compass interview: Grandmaster Nigel Short on his game

Grandmaster Nigel Short visited the Cayman Islands as part of a goodwill mission to boost the Chess in Schools program, and he sat down for a question-and-answer session with the Cayman Compass on Tuesday.

Cayman Chess Club gets help from a Grandmaster

The next generation of Cayman chess players got a boost from a master of the game this week. Nigel Short came to George Town and participated in a pair of fundraisers for the Cayman Chess Club’s Chess in Schools program.

Chess Grandmaster to demonstrate skill

Dust off your rooks and bishops. English chess Grandmaster Nigel Short, who lost to Garry Kasparov in the 1993 World Chess Championships, will visit Cayman and take part in a few different challenges next week.

Krauthammer: Checkmate – To each his own Olympics

While chess’ governing body cannot match the International Olympic Committee for corruption, the World Chess Federation more than makes up for that in weirdness.

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