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Compass should be writing editorials

I took heart when I saw a listing of editorials published previously. It begs the question: When is the Cayman Compass going to return...

MAIL CALL: We don’t wait to report the news

What happens if a source stalls, or simply does not respond to a journalist's request for information?

MAIL CALL: Corrections, clarifications and apologies

What happens when something factually incorrect finds its way into the pages of the Cayman Compass? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains the newspaper's policy on issuing corrections, clarifications and apologies.

MAIL CALL: Letter writers say, ‘Thanks, Cayman!’

Two visitors wrote in recently to thank Cayman Islands residents for performing good deeds. Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen reads the letters to the editor in this week's Weekend Mail Call.

MAIL CALL: Why are editorials unsigned?

Why are Cayman Compass editorials unsigned? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains.

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