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Out of funds

Today's editorial cartoon.

GM Mosquito

Today's editorial cartoon

EDITORIAL – GM mosquito response (cont’d)

Ms. Barnard also emphasized her track record of honesty and commitment to transparency, providing several examples of such conduct in her career in government and the nonprofit sector.

Letter: MRCU responds to GeneWatch FOI release

New MRCU Director Jim McNelly Ph.D. says his team and Oxitec are in agreement on how, where and when to proceed with the evaluation. It will also be up to MRCU to evaluate what success will look like.

Government backs away from genetically modified mosquito rollout

A multimillion dollar plan for the islandwide rollout of Cayman’s genetically modified mosquito program has been significantly scaled back amid budget cuts and concerns that the technology has yet to fully prove itself.

Islandwide GM mosquito release approved

The National Conservation Council on Wednesday unanimously approved the islandwide rollout of the genetically modified mosquito program without the need for a new independent risk assessment. Bill Petrie, head of the Mosquito Research and Control Unit, said a national program using the technique to fight the disease-spreading Aedes aegypti mosquito could begin in February next year.

GM mosquitoes on track in West Bay trial

Residents of the Florida Keys go to the polls Nov. 8, deciding not just between presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, but casting a vote on whether or not to test genetically modified mosquitoes on one small island near Key West.


Judge rejects GM mosquito review

A Grand Court judge on Monday refused an application for a judicial review that could have stopped the planned release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in West Bay.
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UPDATE – Legal action pauses GM mosquito release

Opponents of the planned release of millions of genetically modified mosquitoes in West Bay are taking legal action in an effort to halt the operation, which is scheduled to begin Thursday.

GM Mosquitoes

EDITORIAL – Things we detest: Red tape and mosquito bites

The planned release of genetically modified mosquitoes was delayed because — read carefully — the Cayman Islands government was unable to obtain a government permit.

Flight delay

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