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Government: Civic centre is ‘short-term solution’ for migrant housing

Nearly seven weeks after opening the East End Civic Centre for migrant detentions, government has provided details about its housing plan for the Gun Bay facility.

Cuban migrants move to East End civic centre

Cuban asylum applicants previously detained in a Prison Service facility in George Town will now await their process in East End under a supervised release programme.

Date set for Fidelity Cross Island Relay

The organizers of the annual Fidelity Cross Island Relay have announced that the 45th edition of the event will take place on Sunday, Feb. 3.

Public safety radio equipment on the way

The Cayman Islands is scheduled to take delivery this week of a new communication system for future disaster-related emergencies.

Century-old Gun Bay church in limbo

One year and eight months after the doors were shuttered, still nothing has been decided on the fate of a 109-year-old church in Gun Bay, East End. The Gun Bay United Church, formerly the Presbyterian church, is thought to be the oldest surviving church building in the Cayman Islands, and to many in East End it represents a pillar of the community.

Lighthouse park a beacon on the past

Among East End’s points of interest is Lighthouse Park, where a flight of stairs lead to a small site highlighting an invention that helped seafarers safely navigate the waters around the Cayman Islands.

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