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Court of Appeal: Human rights trump deportation

The Court of Appeal has ruled that labelling non-Caymanian convicts who are resident in Cayman as ‘prohibited immigrants’ is incompatible with the Bill of Rights.
Cayman’s courts have ramped up their emergency contingency plan to counter COVID-19 issues.

Parts of Customs and Border Control Law incompatible with Bill of Rights

The Grand Court has ruled that Section 9 of the Bill of Rights covering 'Private and family life' must be considered by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal when considering whether a person can remain on island.

Two migrants granted asylum after appeal

Two migrants – one a Cuban man, the other an unidentified woman – have been granted asylum in the Cayman Islands after initially being denied.

Cubans grapple with government over legal aid

Seven Cuban migrants who successfully appealed the handling of their asylum cases before the Grand Court will find themselves back at square one and without the aid of a lawyer.

Cuban migrants get another shot at asylum

Seven Cuban migrants who were initially denied asylum will have their cases heard again after the Grand Court ruled on Friday that government did not properly consider their applications.

Crown: Refugee Tribunal to be up and running ‘soon’

In a judgment rendered Friday, Grand Court Justice Ingrid Mangatal stated that the Immigration Appeals Tribunal did not properly consider the applications of seven Cuban migrants seeking asylum here, ruling that the tribunal’s errors amounted to a miscarriage of justice for the migrants.

Cuban asylum seekers not invited to attend appeals hearings

Cubans asylum applicants detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre received notices recently from the Department of Immigration that they are not to attend their own appeals hearings, unless invited to do so.

Another Cuban migrant challenges asylum denial by Appeals Tribunal

A Cuban migrant is challenging the Immigration Appeals Tribunal’s decision last month to deny him asylum, arguing that he did not receive a fair hearing of his application.

Two more challenge denials of permanent residency

Two more people are challenging government’s decision to deny their permanent residency bids, arguing that the Immigration Appeals Tribunal unfairly discriminated against them in considering their applications.

Government argues against Cuban migrant appeals

The appeal hearing involving seven Cuban migrants seeking asylum in Cayman continued into late Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, with the Cubans’ attorney, Alastair David, and Crown counsel Michael Smith arguing over whether the Immigration Appeals Tribunal was correct in denying the migrants’ applications for asylum.

7 Cubans appeal asylum denials

Seven Cuban migrants who were denied asylum by government have appealed their cases to the Grand Court, where a two-day hearing began on Tuesday.

Another Jamaican challenging permanent residency denial

Jamaican national Rohan Anthony Seymour is challenging government’s decision to deny his bid for permanent residency, arguing that the Immigration Appeals Tribunal discriminated against his nationality when it considered his application.

Final count: 57 percent of residence applications approved

It has taken the Cayman Islands government just over nine months to plow through a backlog of 1,200 applications for permanent residence filed by non-Caymanians.

More than 60 percent of residency denials appealed

More than 200 applicants for permanent residence who were denied that immigration status since 2017 have filed challenges to those decisions, according to records obtained by a Cayman Compass Freedom of Information request.

Cuban detainee granted asylum after nearly 2 years

A Cuban man detained in George Town’s Immigration Detention Centre for nearly two years has been granted asylum and released to temporary government housing in Grand Cayman.

EDITORIAL – Dilly-dallying and bureaucratic delays at Immigration

How long does it take to stamp a passport? Five seconds? Maybe 10 seconds, if you fumble the pages? How about six months?

Immigration faces legal challenge over lengthy bureaucratic delays

It is taking the Cayman Islands Immigration Department up to six months to stamp the passport of a Caymanian status or permanent residence recipient, if that person won their permission to remain in Cayman following an appeal to the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, court papers filed last week allege.

Cuban migrants step up appeals, despite barriers

A Cuban asylum seeker detained in George Town for more than a year will take his case to the Grand Court, contesting what he believes to be a legally flawed rejection of refugee status by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

Premier: More than 800 residency bids decided, with 400 to go

With about two-thirds of Cayman’s backlogged permanent residency applications decided, government records show about 65 percent of those bids have been approved since last June.

Cuban migrant granted asylum after year-long detention

A Cuban migrant detained in the Cayman Islands since December 2016 was granted asylum Wednesday by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal, concluding a year-long legal battle in Cayman’s legal system.

Six more gain permanent residence after waiting 4+ years

A woman who waited so long for a decision on her permanent residence application that her son became Caymanian during the delay period is one of six people recently granted residency. She applied more than four years ago.

2 Honduran kids who faced deportation can remain in Cayman

Two children who faced deportation to Honduras in August, possibly being sent back by themselves into an abusive situation, have been allowed to remain in Cayman at least until they reach adulthood, the Immigration Appeals Tribunal has ruled.

Applicant wins residency appeal after it lay dormant for 7 years

An appeal of permanent resident status that lay dormant for more than seven years after it was initially rejected has finally been awarded to the applicant in the case, a former staffer of the Cayman Islands governor’s office.

Legislators reject motion on gay marriage referendum

The Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly voted along party lines Thursday night to oppose a motion that sought a referendum on whether the territory should accept same-sex marriages. All nine government members opposed the motion, while all opposition party and independent members supported it.

UPDATED: Bid for referendum on gay marriage fails

Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin indicated Thursday that his ruling Progressives party-led government would block any attempt to hold a referendum on whether Cayman should change its law to accept same-sex marriages.

Court blocks immigration ruling to deport children

An immigration decision that would have led to the deportation of two Honduran children last month has been temporarily blocked pending a further review of the case by the Immigration Appeals Tribunal.

Gay couple wins work permit appeal

Ruling in favor of a same-sex couple, the Immigration Appeals Tribunal granted Leonardo Raznovich’s application to be added to his spouse’s work permit as a dependent. The decision ends 14 months of applications and appeals to the Immigration Department.

Gay couple wins immigration appeal

The Immigration Appeals Tribunal ruled in favor of a same-sex couple, allowing law professor Leonardo Raznovich to be added to his spouse’s work permit as a dependent.

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