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Justice’s ruling on ‘Ritch Report’ appealed

The Cayman Islands Information Commissioner’s Office will appeal a January ruling by the chief justice which essentially ordered that a lengthy, $312,000 consultant’s report evaluating permanent residence issues be withheld from public view.

FOI Commissioner turns to court to obtain ‘Ritch Report’

The Cayman Islands Information Commissioner’s Office can now be added to the list of those taking legal action against government over various issues related to the granting of permanent resident status.

Half of gov’t not making records available online

Two key components of the Cayman Islands Freedom of Information Law and accompanying regulations are not being made available on the internet by about half of Cayman’s public sector entities, according to a report issued Tuesday by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Cayman government struggling to keep track of FOI requests

Although the tracking of open records requests made to the Cayman Islands government has improved in the last two years, there are still a number of high-profile authorities that are not able to keep track of those requests as required by law.

FOI requests at lowest level since law came into force

The number of requests made under the Freedom of Information Law, giving the public access to government records, is at the lowest level since the law came into effect in 2009, according to a new report from the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Liebaers: ‘It’s Yours, Just Ask!’

It is all too easy to forget that government works for the people, and that information held by public authorities should be open and accessible, either proactively or upon request.

EDITORIAL – The ideal Ombudsman for the people

If you wish to lodge a formal complaint with or about the Cayman Islands government, the primary question is: Who do you call?

Data protection legislation put off until fall

Cayman Islands lawmakers will try for a fourth time to enact data protection legislation – aimed at protecting the privacy of personal information – with an amendment bill scheduled to be brought before parliament in September.

EDITORIAL – Broken record: Officials must obey FOI Law

“We now have an open government,” said Deputy Governor Franz Manderson back in September 2013, declaring that the Cayman Islands’ Freedom of Information Law was a success.

Ministry’s open records response ‘verged on obstruction’

The Cayman Islands Information Commissioner’s Office said Friday that it will make a formal report to the deputy governor’s office alleging that government officials verged on a “complete denial” of a Freedom of Information applicant’s rights under the law and constitution after it took nearly two years for an FOI request for records related to the local pensions investment laws to be resolved.

Cabinet approves ombudsman plan

Government is pushing ahead with a proposed merger of the offices of the Information Commissioner and the Complaints Commissioner, despite concerns the move will dilute the effectiveness of both watchdogs.

3rd request

Tempura records ordered released for 3rd time

Government records related to the ill-fated Operation Tempura police corruption investigation have been ordered released, although in partially redacted form, by the Cayman Islands Information Commissioner’s Office.

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