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Bob Soto scholarship divers celebrated

Three years after the Bob Soto Memorial Scuba Scholarship was launched to encourage young Caymanians to become dive instructors, four recipients describe how they are using the skills they've learned, not just in diving, but also in their academic and professional journeys.

Myles: Poverty a neglected issue in Cayman

Poverty and its consequences have been a neglected problem in Cayman for too long, according to former government at-risk youth officer Michael Myles.

Dive students inspired at trade school

Kameron D’Hue grew up playing around the docks and waters of West Bay, and watching scuba divers head out to sea, leading to a...

Prison joins trade school to provide second chance

Prison chiefs are partnering with Cayman’s new trade school to provide training opportunities for inmates in an effort to end the “revolving door syndrome” and help cut crime.

EDITORIAL – Inspire Cayman shows power of working together

Every person deserves a chance to contribute meaningfully to our society and enjoy the fruits of their labour. Michael Myles and his partners are building more than a training centre, they are offering a passport to well-paying, satisfying employment and a rich, fulfilling life.
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Trade school plan takes shape

Former government youth worker Michael Myles is in the early stages of setting up a vocational school to train Caymanians in construction, electrical, mechanics, air conditioning and other trades.

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