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Sol responds to critical report

Sol Petroleum says it will work with fuels regulators to maintain a safe environment at the Jackson Point terminal, following an investigation report highlighting its culpability in a potentially catastrophic fire.

Welding caused fuel terminal fire, report finds

A potentially catastrophic fire at Grand Cayman’s fuel terminal last July was caused by welding work on an in-service diesel tank that was not properly monitored and should not have taken place, according to an investigation report from the fuels inspectorate.

Billboards, sirens proposed for emergency alerts

A combination of electronic billboards, text messages and radio and television intercepts has been proposed to help alert the public in emergency scenarios.

Emergency sirens proposed for fuel depot

Sol Petroleum has made a proposal for an early warning siren system to better alert its neighbors in emergency scenarios after complaints about the handling of a mass evacuation following a fire at the South Church Street fuel depot.

EDITORIAL – Ideas that make ‘the heart beat faster’

Two birds with one stone? Kids’ play! Why stop there? A bold proposal circulating in the Cayman Islands’ political and business communities encompasses no fewer than five major infrastructure projects.

Fuel transshipment terminal proposed

Texas-based energy company Navasota has signed a joint venture agreement with the developer of the Ironwood golf resort proposal in a deal that the two companies hope will bring a fuel transshipment terminal to Cayman’s eastern districts.

Sol to compensate Jackson Point fire evacuees

Sol Petroleum has confirmed that it will pay compensation to business owners and residents who were forced to pay for hotel stays after being evacuated in the wake of a fire at the Jackson Point fuel depot.

Anxious South Sounders seek action over fuel fire

Officials agreed to consider implementing an emergency siren alert system for the fuel depot after meeting with anxious South Sound residents in the wake of a fire at the Jackson Point terminal.

East End fuel depot, deep-water port still on table

A proposal to create a new fuel depot and deep-water port in East End to service cargo ships remains on the table, according to the Texas-based energy company behind the project. The proposed terminal would ultimately lead to the shuttering of the Jackson Point fuel depot.

Cause of fuel terminal fire still unknown

An initial investigation into the cause of a fire in a diesel tank at the Jackson Point fuel depot proved inconclusive, according to a press statement from Sol Petroleum. The fire caused the evacuation of homes and businesses within a mile radius of the facility on Sunday.

New concern over fuel terminal location

The safety of having Grand Cayman’s fuel storage depot in the midst of a heavily populated residential area has come under new scrutiny  in the wake of Sunday’s fire in a diesel tank that prompted a mass evacuation of neighboring properties.

Residents concerned over evacuation process

Neighbors of the Jackson Point fuel terminal have raised concerns about authorities’ handling of Sunday night’s evacuation and the level of communication about the threat posed by the fire inside a diesel tank at the South Church Street facility.

Firefighters tackle tank blaze at fuel terminal for eight hours

Firefighters battled for eight hours on Sunday and Monday to put out a fire inside a diesel tank at the Cayman Islands fuel depot at Jackson Point on South Church Street.

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