An initial investigation into the cause of a fire in a diesel tank at the Jackson Point fuel depot proved inconclusive, according to a press statement from Sol Petroleum.

The fire, which took eight hours to contain, caused the evacuation of homes and businesses within a mile radius of the facility on Sunday.

Sol apologized for the inconvenience caused to its neighbors and vowed to review its safety procedures and work with various investigators to ensure there was no repeat of the incident.

A statement released Thursday, read: “Sol has completed the initial stage of the investigation, which is not conclusive because this process requires an internal physical inspection of the tank which must be fully emptied and ventilated before it can be safely entered; such processes may take several weeks to schedule and execute.

“The tank is in a safe condition and effectively quarantined. Sol will continue to work closely with the government inspectors and agencies [and] industry professionals to determine the root cause of the incident and will share the investigation findings as they become available.”

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The statement said the company had been part of the South Church Street community since 1960 when the terminal was first constructed.

“Since then, Sol has not experienced a Lost Time Incident since February 1994, which means no Sol employee or contractor has missed a minute of work due to a workplace incident since 1994. To achieve this record Sol maintains a robust health, safety and environment policy with an established ‘Goal Zero’ program, meaning zero incidents and no harm to people.

“Sol promotes a culture in which all Sol employees and contractors share this commitment through on-going industry training and continuous learning. This commitment is proven, as our track record in safety is without a major incident of this nature.”

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    • Can anyone say why they think that it was not important for them to had not voiced their opinion on the matter of the fire at a fuel distribution depot ? If that fire in the tank had caused an explosion and killed people and burned down the area , and the fuel spilled in the ocean , would we then feel responsible in trying to prevent the next one from happening ?

      Prevention is the best cure for anything , but we must be able to see that Prevention is needed .
      That’s why Mrs and Mr Thompson had been petitioning from day one about those storage tanks being in a residential area and tourism area , trying to prevent and see that those storage tanks could cause a major disaster . Don’t trust the oil Companies to do anything else but to bring the fuel to you and charge you for it .until they can prove different .

      • Cayman Compass , I find it rather disturbing that after posting all of those comments on fire at a fuel terminals , no one agreed or disagreed or are concerned about such an issue happening on the Island . Pathetic .

  1. If the cause of the fire is not apparent from examining any activity relating to the outside of the tank, how could it start on the inside?. Examination of the inside would presumably inicate where it was located, but would it reveal any more than that?.Perhaps as Dickens related in Bleak House, we have a case of spontaneous combustion?.

  2. Cayman Compass , why are some people so scared to publicly voice their opinion on matters that are potentially dangerous and threatens their lives ? I have noticed that they would say something when we don’t know who it is / anonymous . Is it because they are scared of retaliation , or is it because of who are involved in the subject .

    I think that we should never be scared to try to correct a dangerous problem regardless of who is involved , because the life you might save might be your own . We have to remember that if Government don’t hear you they might think that there’s no problem . Speak up for your own safety and future .

    See what Mrs Thompson said that she and her husband has been trying to correct this since the 60’s and still today , before the disaster really happens .

  3. If we look at the photo of these fuel storage tanks , we will see a line of dark spots , I would think those are rust spots in the tank , How can Sol make the claim that they take safety seriously ? When they let the most important part of their business fall apart by rust .