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DOE issues bonfire warning

Three instances of bonfires found close to turtle nests have prompted a warning from the Department of Environment as it raised concerns about the safety of hatchlings.

DoE: 2019 set to be a record turtle-nesting season

New numbers from the Department of Environment said the current tally of turtle nests found in Grand Cayman this year is set to surpass the 406 nests recorded in all three islands in 2018. The DoE said it has already been one of its busiest turtle seasons to date.

Two men arrested after bloodied turtle shell found in car

Police arrested two men in West Bay last week on suspicion of taking marine life after finding a shell of an endangered green sea turtle with blood on it in their car.

Shell from turtle, likely poached, recovered

A shell that came from a green turtle estimated to weigh from 300 to 400 pounds, was found Saturday in a dumpster in Morgan’s Harbour. Officials believe the shell likely came from a poached turtle.

Plan aims to ensure survival of sea turtles

A conservation plan aimed at preventing sea turtles from going extinct in Cayman’s waters will go out for public consultation next month.

Sharp drop in nesting turtle numbers

Despite threats from poachers, plastic pollution, coastal development and now sargassum seaweed, researchers remain optimistic about the long-term survival of the Cayman Islands nesting sea turtle population.

Turtle killed by abandoned fish pot

A juvenile hawksbill turtle died after becoming entangled in a rope attached to an abandoned fish pot in Grand Cayman’s North Sound. The turtle’s body was discovered on Wednesday.

Champions of the sea honored at gala

Cayman’s ocean warriors were out in force Saturday night at the annual Festival of Seas gala, hosted by the Central Caribbean Marine Institute.

DoE warns of discarded fishing line danger

Department of Environment conservation officers on Saturday rescued a juvenile turtle that had become entangled in a bundle of discarded fishing line, highlighting the threat those lines pose to Cayman’s marine life.

Beach lighting concern for sea turtle health

The instinct of sea turtle hatchlings to wander toward the brightest horizon has ensured the survival of the species for millions of years.

Ocean Conservation Month puts focus on plastic pollution

A tiny turtle hatchling negotiates a minefield of plastics and other debris as it makes its journey toward the sea. The image, snapped by a visiting media crew on a Little Cayman beach, demonstrates the threat posed by carelessly discarded trash to the island’s marine life.

Turtle poaching ‘a growing problem’

Impaled with hooks and laid on its back in a tool shed, an endangered green sea turtle was saved from the butcher’s knife at the 11th hour last week. Department of Environment enforcement officers investigating reports of poaching in the eastern districts made the discovery on Thursday.

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