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Cullers remove more than 300 lionfish from reefs

The 33rd lionfish culling tournament, held over the weekend, saw divers armed with spears removing 311 lionfish from local reefs.

Cullers nab 861 lionfish in weekend tournament

Lionfish cullers took 861 of the invasive fish off local reefs over the weekend.

Cullers dent lionfish lockdown explosion

Lionfish hunters culled more than 300 of the invasive predators during a two-day competition last weekend

Cullers remove 464 lionfish from reefs

Four teams took part in the latest lionfish culling tournament and caught more than 460 of the invasive species.

Lionfish culler healing after being bitten by nurse shark

Diver Paul Egleston is healing and in good spirits after being bitten by a nurse shark on Saturday.

Cullers put a dent in lionfish invasion

More than 500 lionfish were removed from reefs around Grand Cayman in the latest Cayman United Lionfish League tournament to target the invasive predators.

The Lion Fish

Today's editorial cartoon.

Divers cull 224 lionfish in 2-day tournament

Lionfish cullers donned fins and masks and grabbed their spears over the weekend for the latest lionfish tournament. The cullers removed a total of 224 lionfish from Cayman waters over the two-day challenge.

Feral cat challenge questions legality of cull

A legal challenge to the culling of feral cats on the Sister Islands has raised questions about the legality of such animal control methods under Cayman Islands law.

Cull-inary weekends coming

The Central Caribbean Marine Institute’s new “Cull-inary” weekends are providing a fresh take on controlling the invasive lionfish population in Little Cayman’s waters.

Bumper lionfish cull during Earth Month

A group of determined divers recently did their part for Earth Month in the waters off the West Bay coast, offering up their skills in the fight against the invasive lionfish.

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