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Mail call: Driving advice

Well-known runner Derek Haines had some words of advice for Cayman’s drivers. In a recent letter to the editor, he listed many driving errors he says he often observes on his regular runs.

Mail call: Prisoners to help collect garbage

Inmates from Her Majesty’s prison will pitch in to help solid waste crews keep up with garbage collection. Officials say the temporary arrangement will help prevent a repeat of last year’s holiday trash backup while the Department of Environmental Health works on a permanent fix to staff shortages and absenteeism.

Mail call: Traffic headaches

There is nothing new about Grand Cayman's traffic problems, but the issue received attention recently in a Compass editorial and two letters to editor - which generated a lot of discussion, themselves. 

MAIL CALL: Jet ski menace

Dive operators and other water enthusiasts are raising the alarm about reckless jet ski riders they say are putting lives at risk.

Mail Call: Drivers’ license tests

If you've taken the Cayman Islands' written drivers' license exam, you know it's no walk in the park. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares readers' reactions to a Compass story about the topic.

MAIL CALL: Beach thefts

Recent thefts from tourists on Grand Cayman’s beaches has some worried about our islands’ reputation as a safe and beautiful vacation destination. As Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said, such petty crimes strike “at one of the core pillars of the Cayman Islands economy and cannot be tolerated.”

MAIL CALL: Consultant fees

Many Compass readers were shocked to learn how much OfReg spent on consultant fees last year. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares some reactions. 

Mail Call: Police lights

Residents of Cayman will likely have noticed the increased use of lights on police patrol cars. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains.

Mail Call: Fake Premier

Premier Alden McLaughlin says that over the years, “hundreds” of fake social media profiles have been opened using his name. Use these expert tips to spot fake profiles online.

Weekend Mail Call: Topless cruise

Cayman weighs in on plans to bring a new type of tourism attraction to the islands: a topless cruise. Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares reader reactions.

MAIL CALL: ‘Dancing’ policeman

Readers loved our story about Officer Fabian O’Connor’s crowd-wowing traffic directing in downtown George Town this past week.

MAIL CALL: We want your letters

You don’t have to be a famous writer to submit a letter to the editor – just be yourself. Choose a topic you care about; write about what you know. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains how to submit your letter.

MAIL CALL: Car crashes

Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen talks about the things that go "bump" in the day ... and night ... well, really, at any time, wherever there is a road nearby. (We're referring to Grand Cayman's scourge of automobile accidents.)

MAIL CALL: Tsunami scare

If you didn't feel the Jan. 9 quake, you certainly heard about it. Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen shares reactions from readers about the tsunami scare, disaster response and safety on the islands.

MAIL CALL: Holiday hours

With Christmas and the New Year approaching, the Cayman Compass will be respecting holiday hours to let staff enjoy time with family and friends. Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains how readers can stay informed throughout the season.

MAIL CALL: Where to find the Compass

Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains where the Cayman Compass newspaper can be found, read or purchased.

MAIL CALL: Suggestions for Cayman

Editorial Writer Jennifer Hemmingsen talks about a recent letter to the editor -- "10 suggestions for Cayman" -- that stirred up some lively conversation.

MAIL CALL: Searching our archives

How do you find a story that was published in the Compass ... um ... was it last year, maybe? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains how to access our newspaper archives, which go back to 1965.

MAIL CALL: Naming crime suspects

When it comes to crime suspects, how does the Compass balance expectations of personal privacy with the public's right to know? Editorial writer Jennifer Hemmingsen explains the Compass’ policies on naming suspects of crime.

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