MAIL CALL: Beach thefts

Recent thefts from tourists on Grand Cayman’s beaches has some worried about our islands’ reputation as a safe and beautiful vacation destination. As Tourism Minister Moses Kirkconnell said, such petty crimes strike “at one of the core pillars of the Cayman Islands economy and cannot be tolerated.”

Compass readers agreed, calling for more police presence and stronger penalties for the petty thefts.


  1. More police presence. Uniformed and plain clothes officers must patrol beaches full time. Social media can make this vacation spot into a prohibited island where, Cayman is forgotten if we don’t get a grip on crime.

  2. This will be our new motto, if we don’t commit to more money, and increased law enforcement. “AVOID CAYMAN, THE CRIME HAVEN”. It’s all about money in this world. Just reporting the news. Like it or not. This island is special to all of us. Please understand, it won’t become even more inviting without attention to what is hampering it’s true success.

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