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Topic: Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccines

Demonstrators gather to protest vaccine bill

Hundreds of people gathered outside Government House, along West Bay Road on Saturday 2 Oct., to voice their opposition to a proposed bill that would amend the Immigration (Transition) Act to make a COVID-19 vaccine mandatory for work permit holders.

Poll: Do you support mandatory vaccination?

As government continues its push to vaccinate Cayman’s population, should Cayman consider implementing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations?

No date set for mandatory vaccinations for work permits

Premier Wayne Panton has confirmed that mandatory vaccinations would be introduced for expatriates renewing their new work permits and for those getting new ones, although no date has been fixed for when this will begin. 

Mandatory vaccination will not apply to Caymanians and permanent residents

Premier Wayne Panton said his government is not inclined to introduce mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for Caymanians and permanent residents.

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