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16 government agencies pass audit test

Sixteen of 42 Cayman Islands government agencies have been given unqualified audit opinions on their financial statements submitted for the 2013/14 budget year.

4 percent pay raise for Cayman Islands civil servants

Civil servants will get a 4 percent pay raise in July, Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Wednesday.

Government won’t close Cayman Islands Development Bank

The Cayman Islands government will not shut down its loss-making development bank.

Audit results: Applause yes; ovation, not yet

The government's announcement that two of its ministries received unqualified audit opinions is not yet cause for major celebration.

Two of 41 government entities ace audits

Cayman Islands leaders say public sector accountants appear to be getting their numbers “right the first time, and on time.”

Finance minister: ‘We have to be realistic’

Cayman's top government finance man warns the territory's return to proper accountability and management will be a slow one.

Government travel expenses reported

Several government ministries provide travel and credit card-related expenses.

Shedden Road squatters arrested, buildings demolished

The saga of the extended family of missing landfill worker Anna Evans, who refused to leave their Shedden Road homes, came to an end Wednesday with the arrest of four people and the demolition of two buildings.

Healthcare liability ‘significant’

Cayman's long-term healthcare bills are a significant drag on government's future budgets.

Prescription for a healthier Cayman: More competition

No government should pick winners and losers in the private sector. That principle extends to our government's relationship with Health City Cayman Islands and other local practitioners.

Gov’t finances disclaimed for three years

Cayman's auditor general reveals the overall failure of the local government to provide accountability in public finance.

Government enhances data gathering

Government will make more resources available to the Economics and Statistics Office to carry out new surveys.

Health City, CINICO seek deal

The government is in talks with Health City Cayman Islands over local patient referrals.

Premier: $121M surplus ahead

Premier Alden McLaughlin said last week that Cayman's government should earn another big surplus in the current budget year.

CarePay contract: ‘No comment’ not satisfactory

What is the legal justification for the Cayman Islands government pulling the rug out from under its healthcare claims system provider and switching over to another company?

Ministry silent on CarePay contract

Cayman's government refuses to explain a sudden switch in healthcare contractors.

CarePay profits go to St. Lucia company

Most of the money from Cayman's swipe-card hospital payment system went to a foreign company.

Chamber: Civil servants shouldn’t lead downsizing effort

Cayman business leaders urge government not to put civil servants in charge of their own downsizing efforts.

CINICO changes providers amid CarePay controversy

A contract dispute brews over the Cayman Islands government healthcare system patient swipe cards.

AIS: System should cut ‘bad debts’

A hospital patient swipe-card system should have reduced Cayman's bad debts from medical bills, according to the company that implemented it.

Ex-MLAs: Don’t sell off public assets

Writers say government should address debts through cost reductions, not divesting itself of public resources.

French consul general visits

France Consul General Philippe Létrilliart visited Grand Cayman for meetings with officials and to meet French citizens who live here.

Small rise in consumer prices

But the average inflation rate obscured price hikes restaurants, transportation and household equipment.

Government will use work permit funds for job training

Big changes are on the way for Cayman companies in the form of an immigration accreditation system.

Government must support inclusiveness, not divisiveness

Rather than focusing efforts on finding jobs for Caymanians and denying jobs to expatriates, the government should create an economic atmosphere conducive to job creation for all.

Watler: Looking out for CS membership

The Cayman Islands Civil Service Association pushes back over a consultant's report that suggests outsourcing for the public sector.

Financial secretary joins civil service rank-and-file

Ken Jefferson will assume the chief officer’s role for the Ministry of Finance and will now be tasked with the financial and human resources operations of the entire ministry.

Massive agenda for LA meeting

Cayman lawmakers have a busy two weeks ahead.

Cayman’s economy expanded 1.5 percent in first quarter

The Cayman Islands gross domestic product expanded in the first quarter, boosted by significant growth in tourism-related sectors.

Retaking our streets from ‘Caninus Caymanus’

Having packs of snarly dogs roaming around Grand Cayman does not support the country's image of being a sophisticated place to visit and invest.

Small business fee cuts start this week

Cayman's small businesses get a big one-time tax break.

North Side church shows auditors the money

A North Side church gives a full accounting of how it spent money provided as part of the government's Nation Building Fund.

Canover Watson released on bail

Canover Watson, former chairman of the Cayman Islands Health Services Authority board and prominent Caymanian businessman, was released on bail Thursday evening.

The problem is not the fires — it’s the fuel

Our firefighters cannot be expected to maintain control forever over more than 1 million tons of combustible refuse stacked more than 80 feet high at the George Town Landfill.

Chamber slams FCA listing: Insulting, lacks credibility

The Chamber of Commerce Council describes the recent “high risk” listing of the Cayman Islands by the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority as “insulting.”

Customs backtracks on confusing tariffs

The new customs coding system that has caused outrage among importers will be amended since the system has been found to be “tedious” and “not working,” Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Thursday,

Churches called to account for cash

Government auditors ask local churches what they did with money from the Nation Buildng Fund.

‘One man’ debate heads back to LA

One way or another, 'one man, one vote' will return to the Cayman Islands Legislative Assembly during 2014.

New customs officers welcomed

Five Caymanians have beeen recruited as new customs officers.

2013 economic growth below forecasts

The Cayman Islands economy grew for the third consecutive year in 2013, but fell short of the expectation maintained by government until the third quarter of last year.

CarePay contract under review

Government may deep-six the current contract for health services patient CarePay swipe cards.

Gov’t ministries, CINICO probe CarePay debacle

CINICO managers and board members are expected to meet with two government ministries Wednesday over burgeoning concerns surrounding the current contract for the public hospital’s “swipe card” system, known as CarePay, and the Jamaica-based company that operates it.

Bush: House committee should review airport board

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush calls for a special committee of the Legislative Assembly to review the actions of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority board since December 2012.

Government budget passed just in time

Cayman's new government spending plan is passed with just days to spare.

‘Well done,’ Mr. Archer, ‘Well done’

It's not often that a Cayman Islands Cabinet member attracts universal and unmitigated praise from political opponents.

GPS plan to track bus drivers

GPS tracking technology could soon be used to monitor public bus drivers and ensure they are sticking to their routes.

Turtle Farm anticipates massive losses again

The Cayman Turtle Farm anticipates it will lose another $9.5 million over the course of government’s next financial year, with most of that spending going toward paying off accumulated debts.

Bush questions airport computer porn investigation

Opposition Leader McKeeva Bush publicly questions the status of an internal personnel investigation at the Cayman Islands Airports Authority that involved an employee who allegedly used a government computer to view pornography.

Concerns over HSA CAREPAY contract

The public health system's credit card billing contract comes under scrutiny by lawmakers.

Finance minister lauded by peers

Cayman's finance minister receives kudos from his party's political opponents.

Budget records error-ridden

A number of mistakes in government budget records are revealed.

$70 million more: Put it on the tab

How can Cayman's Health Services Authority be owed $70 million in unpaid bills, when more than 90 percent of the population of 55,000 has health insurance?

Central gov’t will drop millions on petrol tax

Cayman expects to lose $13 million in petrol tax earnings in the upcoming budget.

Construction plans boost government coffers

The collection of a number of infrastructure and development related fees are expected to see a major increase in the next government budget.

Gov’t writes off Randyke Gardens bailout

The hundreds of thousands of dollars government loaned to a local apartment complex to fix sewage problems won't be paid back.

Elite athletes’ funding questioned

The Cayman Islands Elite Athletes program comes under some scrutiny from lawmakers.

Health services face $70m in ‘bad debts’ from unpaid bills

Cayman's public hospital system expects to amass a total of $70 million in unpaid bills by mid-2015.

Concern over growing cost of seamen’s benefits

Questions have been raised over how government can still be paying out more than $6 million in benefits to retired seamen and war veterans.

Separate MLA offices would cost $1M

The Cayman Islands government looks to keep the costs of MLA district offices down.

MLA ‘climbing backwards’ on open records process

An independent MLA asks if government is obfuscating the territory's open records process.

Power costs increase for businesses

An increase in electricity costs for businesses could wipe out the benefit of fuel duty cuts announced last week in the government’s budget, business owners have warned.

UK must sign off on refinance

Cayman must get UK approval before borrowing to pay off its current debts.

Mixed reaction to cost of living cuts

Tax cuts announced in the budget should have little impact on household bills, bringing an estimated $20 reduction in monthly power costs and a $2 cut in weekly grocery bills.

Archer: Cayman’s middle class ‘has shrunk’

Government's budget plan aims to rescue Cayman's declining middle income jobs sector.

Business in brief

Business in brief.

Cayman’s debts come due

Cayman's government owes tens of millions in 'bullet loan' payments over the next 12 months.

Annual budget provides pomp and ceremony

The 2014-2015 budget of the Cayman Islands government may have provided some of the most up-to-date financial information, but its delivery was not without some age-old customs.

Community welcomes Caymanian priest

Joseph Derek Kirkconnell, who was ordained on Saturday, is the first Caymanian to become a Catholic priest.

UK approves budget plan

The UK says Cayman's 2014/15 budget plan is good to go.

Spend surplus to cut CUC bill, opposition leader says

Cayman's opposition leader has some ideas about what to do with government's extra cash.

More Caymanians in jobs

Unemployment among Caymanians declined by some 100 job seekers to an estimated 9.4 percent.

Modest rise in imports by Cayman residents

The total value of goods imported by Cayman residents increased 2.1 percent to $774.5 million last year.

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