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New government ready to roll

Cayman's new government looks to get down to brass 'tax'.

Coalition government proposal confirmed

Coalition government talks got serious on Tuesday.

All 18 MLAs sworn in

The Cayman Islands new government and opposition benches took their final shape Wednesday morning, as all 18 Members of the Legislative Assembly took the oath of office on the steps of the LA building in downtown George Town with Governor Duncan Taylor standing by.

Looking at a 'one man, one vote' government

Who would have won under a one man, one vote system?

George Town’s amazing race

The 2013 Election in George Town will probably go down as the closest in Cayman Islands' history.

The rises, falls of political fortunes

The biggest names in Cayman politics, and how they've fared in 25 years.

Coalition gov't in the offing

 There may be a coalition government for the Cayman Islands on the cards after all.

New Premier confirms his government

Premier elect Alden McLaughlin confirmed Tuesday night that he had formed a government with the final cards falling into place on the eve of Wednesday’s official swearing-in ceremony.

PPM forms new government

Update 11am: Cayman Islands Premier-elect Alden McLaughlin is set to reveal who will hold which ministerial post in his new Cabinet tomorrow, Tuesday, 28 May.


Progressives look to form government

Update 5:30pm Saturday: The Progressives have announced part of the ministerial composition for the new government..


Kurt leads Progressives home in GT

Veteran legislator Kurt Tibbetts proved to be Mr. Popular in George Town once again taking the most votes in the capital.

All eyes on GT

As of 2:30am, the results of the George Town balloting started to shift ever so slightly toward candidates supported by the Coalition for Cayman, as Election 2013 dragged into Thursday morning.

PPM wins GT, maintains strong majority

It's looking like a 'red' government in Cayman for the next four years.

Long, tense night ahead for GT candidates

Across George Town candidates were settling in for a long, tense night of waiting and watching as the vote count got under way this evening.

Candidates on crime, unemployment

Candidates discuss the link between crime and unemployment.

PPM: Alden is our guy

Following an attempt to poach members of the People’s Progressive Movement away from the party, all 14 Progressives candidates signed a statement Thursday agreeing their continued support for party leader Alden McLaughlin.

OMOV was grassroots movement in Cayman

The success of the one man one vote campaign lay in a groundswell of grassroots support, its ultimate failure was down to political interference, say some of the original petitioners behind the movement.

George Town candidates talk taxes, dump, cruise berthing

George Town candidates discuss government finances, the dump and cruise berthing.

Downtown a major issue

Geirge Town political candidates, regardless of affiliatiion, largely agree about problems afflicting the district, particularly its downtown.

Divided over affordable housing

Candidates sound off on Grand Cayman's affordable housing programme.

Nomination Day brings a few surprises

Some surprising news on Cayman's Nomination Day as the 2013 general election officially kicks off.

Nomination Day brings in the candidates

A record number of candidates will contest Cayman's 2013 general election.

Political parties hold general assemblies

Both the United Democratic Party and the People’s Progressive Movement held their general assemblies in George Town Saturday.

Candidates questioned on ‘secret’ society memberships

Queries about secret societies come up in an election campaign debate.

Politicos get earful of environmental concerns

Several George Town political candidates turned up to listen to concerns from South Sound residents about development of the coastline Friday evening.

Government weighs release of Cabinet info

Local politicians support making Cabinet meetings more open, but to what degree is still in question.

Nation Building Fund: $9.5M spent in first 3 years

Half of the $9.5 million in Nation Building Fund expenses went to churches from 2009 to June 2012.

Candidate forum set for UCCI

The University College of the Cayman Islands is kicking off the voter education efforts by hosting the first of a two-part series called “The People’s Forum – A Dialogue with Voters” on Wednesday, 20 February at 6.30pm at the Sir Vassel Johnson Hall.

C4C group, PPM leader in row

Political groups going back and forth over 'one man, one vote'.

‘One man’ re-emergence raises questions

A last-minute push for 'one man, one vote' is called "electioneering".

More PPM candidates named

The People’s Progressive Movement political party named three additional candidates who will run in the May general election.

Forum tonight to discuss budget

Generation NOW hosts a discussion on Cayman's budgetary crisis on Thursday night at the Harquail Theatre.

Accountability in OMOV

Writer encourages voters to approve one man one vote in the Cayman Islands.

‘One man’ petition still in circulation

Supporters of a yes vote in next week’s One Man One Vote referendum are continuing to collect signatures for the petition that prompted the referendum in the first place.

The politics and democracy of one man, one vote

Writer ponders the significance of one man, one vote philosophy.

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