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Update 2:30am: The results of the George Town balloting started to shift ever so slightly toward candidates supported by the Coalition for Cayman, as Election 2013 dragged into Thursday morning.

It was dead even by 2.30am, with three People’s Progressive Movement candidates and three coalition-supported candidates holding the top six spots.

George Town will return six candidates to the Legislative Assembly for the first time during this election.

United Democratic Party candidates in George Town looked to be flagging early Thursday, although incumbent Mike Adam still had a shot at retaining his seat. Just 35 votes separated Mr. Adam in eighth place and coalition candidate Sharon Roulstone in sixth place in the George Town balloting.  


Update 1.30am: The top six vote-getters in George Town district had not changed, with 43 per cent of the ballots counted. They were, in order: Kurt Tibbetts, Roy McTaggart, Marco Archer, Alden McLaughlin, Winston Connolly and Mike Adam.  


With less than 200 votes separating 4th place from 15th, the Cayman Islands’ largest voting district couldn’t seem to sort itself out as Election 2013 dragged into Thursday morning.

With about 34 per cent of the vote in, the People’s Progressive Movement still held three of the top six spots in the district. However, strong challenges were being felt from both Coalition for Cayman-supported candidates as well as the United Democratic Party’s incumbent representative Mike Adam, who found himself in sixth place in the district as Wednesday met Thursday.

However, it was still anyone’s race.

Tied in 4th position – each on 700 votes – were C4C-backed hopeful Winston Connolly and PPM party leader Alden McLaughlin.

All the way down in 15th place, but less than 200 votes behind was the UDP’s Walling Whittaker.

In a district where between 2,500 and 3,000 votes would likely be needed to secure a relatively comfortable victory, even field leader Kurt TIbbetts of the PPM couldn’t be absolutely assured of a re-election seat.

Elections Supervisor Kearney Gomez reported around 12.45am that the vote count was taking longer than officials wanted and that the count could last into the post-dawn hours of Thursday.


The scene at the C4C headquarters around midnight.
James Whittaker

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