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South Sound beach renamed Consuelo’s Beach

Government took steps to cement the environmental legacy of Anna Consuelo Ebanks, nee Yates, last week. A sign and memorial plaque were unveiled, renaming South Sound Community Beach as Consuelo’s Beach in memory of the Cayman icon.
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Government buys land for public park

Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Wednesday that government has purchased a plot of land known as Scranton Central Park for $272,500 as part of plans to enhance public park areas in the middle of George Town.

A year later, Eastern Caribbean still recovering from hurricanes

Today, much of the Eastern Caribbean is in a similar situation as Cayman was 13 years ago, with jurisdictions such as the British Virgin Islands, Anguilla and St. Maarten in varying stages of their recovery efforts one year after facing Hurricane Irma on Sept. 6, 2017.

2017 editorials: The Compass’s voice on significant issues

Today we feature highlights from some of what we consider to be the most compelling and important editorials that appeared in the Cayman Compass in 2017, dealing with some of the most pressing matters facing our country.

Campaign donors partially revealed

Chrissie Tomlinson Memorial Hospital founder Dr. Steve Tomlinson contributed more than $194,000 to 10 political candidates during the final eight weeks of Cayman’s 2017 general election campaign.

EDITORIAL – Political campaigns enter the home stretch

In three short weeks, Cayman Islands voters will stream to the country’s polling stations for Cayman’s quadrennial exercise in democracy.

Cayman not eligible for Ten Island Challenge funding

The Cayman Islands could still be involved in entrepreneur Richard Branson’s Ten Island Challenge, though the territory is not eligible for grant funding from the renewable energy initiative.

Premier comes out swinging

In a Saturday night event that was partly a campaign launch and partly a fond farewell to a former Progressives party leader, Cayman Islands Premier Alden McLaughlin took aim at two political opponents.

Minister: Fuel price controls ‘a last resort’

The Cayman Islands will only implement direct price controls over petroleum suppliers as “a last resort,” outgoing Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts said in a statement released Tuesday. Mr. Tibbetts told the Legislative Assembly earlier that the government may eventually enact controls over fuel prices only if the public utilities regulator, OfReg, determines that competition in the Cayman Islands market has failed.

Record-setting Nomination Day: 63 hopefuls compete for 19 seats

A record 63 candidates will contest the Cayman Islands general election on May 24 after a frantic day of nominations across the country generated some surprises.

Election: Tibbetts, Connolly out, Eden back in

One long Cayman Islands political career came to an end Monday night, while another lengthy one continued and a fledgling career was seemingly cut short, as candidate nomination day loomed for general election candidates.

EDITORIAL – Kurt Tibbetts retires: Saluting a titan of Cayman politics

A long and colorful chapter in the history of Cayman Islands politics is ending. George Town lawmaker Darwin Kurt Tibbetts is retiring from the Legislative Assembly.

Progressives founder Kurt Tibbetts quits politics

Premier Alden McLaughlin confirmed that Mr. Tibbetts will not seek re-election in the upcoming May 24 vote.

Former PPM leader’s brother on opposition party team

The opposition Democratic Party will field at least 10 party candidates, in addition to supporting some independents for the upcoming election. One of those CDP candidates is Denniston Tibbetts, the older brother of Progressives party founder and former leader, Kurt Tibbetts.

Bills passed to protect beach access, regulate vendors

Legislators passed a pair of bills Tuesday to protect public access to Cayman’s beaches and regulate the activities of vendors who use the beach for their businesses.

EDITORIAL – Fuel price regulation: It may be good politics, but it’s bad policy

The Progressives’ proposal to lower the price of gasoline may look good on a bumper sticker, or sound good on the campaign trail, but as a piece of legislation, it’s bad policy and bad precedent.

Bill seeks fuel sector regulation; no immediate price controls

The Cayman Islands may eventually enact control over petrol prices, but only if the government finds no evidence of competition in the market, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts said Monday.

Bush: Stop blaming party system

McKeeva Bush criticized repeated attacks on the territory’s two-party political system Friday, warning that individuals or groups outside the Legislative Assembly could end up controlling the government following the May 24 general election, rather than the candidates voters choose.

Full legislature backs energy policy

Cayman Islands lawmakers unanimously voted to support the territory’s first energy policy Wednesday, noting the document recommends that 70 percent of the islands’ total electricity generation come from renewable energy sources by the year 2037.

Legislature may go until last day

Government is running out of time to consider a long list of potential laws, including the Legal Practitioners Bill, the elimination of independent FOI and complaints commissioner’s offices and the establishment of local fuel market regulations, as lawmakers face the final three weeks of their current term.

Agriculture Show draws thousands

The Agriculture Show celebrated its golden year with a diverse display of local farming, food and culture at the Lower Valley Agricultural Grounds. Kurt Tibbetts described the event as a cultural mainstay and Grand Cayman’s single largest, annual event.

Farmers visit research center

Farmers and government representatives toured the operations of the Caribbean Agricultural Research and Development Institute this week as the organization celebrated its 42nd anniversary.

‘Not enough is being done’: Burned dog prompts call for action

The charred carcass of a dog found dumped on a construction site in Prospect has prompted new concern about the level of animal abuse in the Cayman Islands and calls for the Department of Agriculture to do more to enforce the law on animal cruelty.

‘Keyholders only’: Battle over beach access paths

From a busy stretch of West Bay Road, the distinctive beach access sign directs tourists and residents down an overgrown but serviceable path, in the direction of the ocean. It curves through several condominium developments for some 500 feet before traversing a quiet residential street.

Linford Pierson Highway widening faces significant delays

The widening of the Linford Pierson Highway into George Town faces significant delays due to various legal issues and will not be completed before the next general election in May, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts confirmed last week.

Government approves Smith Cove purchase; Pageant Beach eyed

The Cayman Islands Cabinet has approved the purchase of property adjacent to Smith Cove public beach for US$5.4 million (CI$4.4 million), Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts said Wednesday. The price is about US$1.2 million more than a private developer bought the same parcel of land for in 2015.

EDITORIAL – Head-on collision: New highway and environmental law

A highway is plotted directly through the “ecological heart of Grand Cayman.” On one side are elected leaders who support the project. On the other are officials charged with protecting the environment. What we have here, folks, is a high-stakes game of chicken.

Utilities law written without advice of utility companies

Legal drafters penning an 82-page law to create a unified regulatory office for Cayman’s utility providers did not solicit opinions from the half-dozen affected companies, instead they only consulted their controlling agencies.

Planning law changes give ‘teeth’ to derelict property enforcement

Cayman Islands lawmakers are attempting to tackle the problems of derelict cars and properties, as well as property fences built too close to roads, in changes to the Development and Planning Law approved late Wednesday.

Minister answers utility regulation concerns

In an eight-page response to Cayman Water Company CEO Rick McTaggart, government has sought to counter calls to withdraw and rewrite proposed legislation creating a single office regulating Cayman’s utility companies.

UPDATED: Agreement ‘in principle’ to buy Smith Cove land

Premier Alden McLaughlin announced Friday that government had reached an "agreement in principle" to buy land on the northern side of Smith Cove from the private owners of the parcel.

Expanded highway section costs US$5 million

It will cost the government US$5 million to expand a section of the Esterley Tibbetts Highway from two to four lanes at its southern end in George Town, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts confirmed Wednesday.

UK releases two decades of governors’ restricted memos

Revealing everything from local and international political intrigue, to “white elephant” projects, to a general preference toward the sport of cricket over baseball, annual reports sent by Cayman Islands governors to Britain between 1987 and 2005 have been released by the U.K. Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Regulators could gain power to set fuel prices

Government could get new powers to control fuel prices and prevent “collusive practices” in the industry under planned new legislation.

EDITORIAL – Time to pull the plug on this nonsense

In regard to the Glass House, lethargy and inaction have been government’s standing orders for the past decade.

Minister: GT road projects ‘absolutely necessary’

Road widening projects along George Town’s Esterley Tibbetts Highway and Linford Pierson Highway must be completed in short order unless residents want to suffer through the traffic troubles seen a decade ago in the outer districts, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts said last week.

Cayman’s first solar farm breaks ground in Bodden Town

Entropy Cayman Solar broke ground Monday on Cayman’s first solar farm, scheduled for an October commissioning, supplying 5 megawatts of electricity to the Caribbean Utilities Company and the national grid.

Two years later, police modular cells open

Replacement police holding cells, which had lain idle since their arrival on Grand Cayman in April 2014, opened earlier this month, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service officials confirmed last week.

Agriculture in the spotlight

Officials from St. Kitts and Nevis recently accompanied a number of local agriculture officials on a tour of farms in the Bodden Town area.

Governor says minister ‘recused himself’ from DVDL lease vote

A behind-the-scenes political squabble has erupted over the construction of a new government-leased vehicle licensing facility in Breakers.

EDITORIAL – When government cannot even change a street sign

From time to time, a small issue becomes disproportionately large — to the chagrin, and possibly the misfortune, of those who chose to ignore...

National Heroes Day: Government to announce new national hero

More than 320 awardees to be recognized The government is expected to announce a new national hero at next week’s National Heroes Day, at which...

Penalty flag: Putting a price on patriotism

In the Cayman Islands, patriotism doesn’t come free of charge. According to our government, the cost can range up to $5,000 per display.

MLA McTaggart joins Progressives

George Town MLA Roy McTaggart removed the “independent” from his title Tuesday, joining the Progressives political party and announcing that he would campaign with the Progressives for re-election in 2017.

Ironwood commits to hiring locals

The developers behind the planned Ironwood golf resort have committed to a target of hiring a workforce of mostly Caymanian employees as part of a duty concessions agreement with government.

Ironwood moving forward, no road deal

The $365 million Ironwood golf resort project will move forward without a final agreement on a highway extension previously viewed as a deal breaker for the development. Ironwood will seek planning approval early next year for phase one of the resort, featuring retirement homes for affluent baby boomers situated around an Arnold Palmer-designed PGA Championship golf course.

Designs unveiled for Beach Bay resort

Dramatic and futuristic designs for a planned US$250 million luxury resort in Bodden Town were unveiled Saturday at an event in Miami Beach. Beach Bay Land Ltd. announced TEN Arquitectos of Mexico City and New York as the winner of its design competition for work on the resort at St. James Point, Beach Bay. The firm’s concept designs show hotel and condo buildings curving along the coastline.

Internet issues impacting economy

The Cayman Islands is losing millions of dollars in investment because of inadequate telecoms infrastructure, regulators have warned.

Fuel pricing data not public, commissioner rules

Although the Cayman Islands government may have access to certain fuel pricing information from local distributors, it is not currently considered to be public, Acting Information Commissioner Jan Liebaers ruled.

School zone speeding could cost license

Speeding through an area marked as a school zone in the Cayman Islands could soon cost motorists their driver’s license, government officials confirmed last week.

Minister: Glass House cannot be reused

Cayman's planning minister says the old Glass House government administration building can't be saved.

Lawmakers vote for mandatory fuel import price reveal

Cayman Islands lawmakers Wednesday unanimously approved a bill that seeks to force fuel importers to reveal their pricing structure for gasoline and diesel fuel shipped to the islands, massively increasing fines for noncompliance in the process.

Big crowd hears George Town plans

Government plans to buy out some landowners and demolish buildings to make way for a new road layout in central George Town.

Design mishaps boost school work cost

Mechanical, electrical and plumbing work at additional classrooms at North Side district’s Edna Moyle Primary School went nearly 30 percent over budget largely due to design flaws, the Legislative Assembly heard last week.

'Fundamental change' for Cayman politics

Not all lawmakers support 'one man, one vote,' but all agree it will profoundly change Cayman Islands politics.

Premier: Government ‘out of patience’ with fuel companies

Legislation that will require Cayman’s two major fuel distributors to reveal specific pricing information on gasoline and diesel shipments was approved in a key vote last week, but certain details of the bill remain to be hammered out in a Legislative Assembly committee Monday prior to its final passage.

‘Punchlines’: Slugger Alva Suckoo vs. Brawling ‘Bobby’ Peart

With pugilistic skills that might serve him well on the floor of the Legislative Assembly, slugger Alva Suckoo, MLA from Bodden Town, will be battling it out with policeman Michael “Bobby” Peart (better known to fight fans as “Bobby the Brawler”) Saturday night at the Lions Center.

Woman accused of $27,000 permanent residency scam

A woman helped con expatriates out of more than $27,000 by pretending the cash was required for legitimate permanent residency applications, Crown prosecutors alleged in Grand Court Thursday.

Protesters demand lower gas prices, present petition

The government will soon introduce legislation to address complaints about high gas prices, Premier Alden McLaughlin told demonstrators outside the Legislative Assembly on Wednesday.

Public meeting Oct. 20 for George Town revitalization

Consultants and government officials will host a public meeting next week to present plans for revitalizing central George Town, answer questions and collect public input.

Smith Road work nearly done

Work to widen Smith Road through central George Town should be wrapped up by the end of this month, weather permitting.

Bill seeks importers' fuel pricing information

Fuel price reporting by petroleum importers may soon be a legal requirement.

Government protection isn't free

The following dynamic plays out in the Cayman Islands too often. Something “happens” in the economy. Someone complains. Government steps in with a “solution.” And then the real problems begin.

Huge crowd bids farewell to Cayman's 'gentle hero'

Pioneer developer, seaman, grandfather of five and Cayman’s erstwhile “Santa Claus” Rex Herbert Hughes Crighton was laid to rest following a memorial service in George Town Saturday afternoon. Mr. Crighton, who passed away at age 81 on Sept. 13, was known to many in Cayman as the man with the big house in Spotts who put up an impressive display of Christmas lights and decorations each holiday season.

Large disparity in Grand Cayman gas prices

Gas prices at one group of retail gas stations fell significantly this week, while other retail average prices remained largely unchanged from two weeks ago.

Little decline in Cayman gas prices

Steadily falling fuel prices in the U.S. and worldwide since early July once again are not reflected at the pump on Grand Cayman, statistics examined by the Cayman Compass reveal.

EY reform plan: One year later

It has been a year since the Cayman Islands government announced an ambitious public sector reform plan to restructure the civil service, amalgamate certain services, privatize others and sell off certain public assets.

 The reforms were based on a $155,000 consultant report done by EY, and although many of the recommendations were longer-term projects, Premier Alden McLaughlin said in April that six areas in particular had been identified as issues the government would pursue immediately.


Agricultural pioneers sought for Heroes Day recognition

Premier Alden McLaughlin and Agriculture Minister Kurt Tibbetts will oversee nominations of Caymanian farmers who will be recognized as pioneers of agriculture in the 2016 National Heroes Day celebrations.

The price of ‘price regulation’ is too high

Price regulation on gasoline is not something the government should implement in a free-market society.

MLA: Road maintenance budget 'not enough'

Cayman's current roads maintenance budget is not enough to suit Cayman’s infrastructure needs, a former roads minister says.

Public utilities legislation due in the fall

Claiming residents have endured uncompetitive and inflated petrol prices for too long, Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts warned gas and diesel distributors that they must turn over their operational cost data to government or face fuel price control legislation.

Speed limit immobility: Sign of the times

It is difficult to think of an act of governance more simple than setting a speed limit.

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