Public meeting Oct. 20 for George Town revitalization

Consultants and government officials will host a public meeting next week to present plans for revitalizing central George Town, answer questions and collect public input.

The meeting is set for 5:30-8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 20, at the town hall in George Town. Roadwork has already begun to set the stage for the plan, with the completed Godfrey Nixon Way project and the ongoing work on Smith Road.

The biggest feature in government’s revitalization plan is the cruise port, which the premier recently said government will support. Numerous questions remain about the potential environmental impact and how government will be able to pay for the project.

“This is an exciting time for our capital, with the plans calling for the beautification and modernisation of George Town. We are already a world-class centre for tourism and finance, and we hope that with input and partnerships from the public and private sectors, the result will be a revitalised capital that reflects our international standing,” said Planning Minister Kurt Tibbetts in a press release.

Design with Nature International, a company owned by two former Cayman islands planning directors Kenneth Ebanks and Carson Ebanks, are developing and managing the project.

Planning minister deputy chief officer Tristan Hydes said in the release, “Local business leaders were very receptive of our launch during a Chamber of Commerce luncheon event in May. Since that time, we have begun fact-finding meetings with stakeholders, and interest has continued to grow amongst the business community.”

The Planning Ministry also plans to collect feedback on the plan with an online survey and by email at [email protected]


  1. I think that this public meeting is going to be all about the cruise ship dock.The sentence we are already a world-class center for tourism and finance, then what more do you want? This sounds like the politicians are going to fill the town hall with cruise ship berthing supporters, so that the Government can say that everyone is in favor of the cruise ship dock, and the online survey would be the same. I think that the politicians should have already heard enough imputed opinions from both sides of the cruise ship dock to not even mention the cruise ship dock in this meeting. I think that this would be a good place to start the protest against the cruise ship dock and the destruction of the environment/corals/tourism.

  2. We are still beating a dead horse. Anyone can see by all the likes on FB . It has now reached over 6400 likes. It shows that people have been resarching for themselves and found out the truth. What is the truth ? We are in trouble of losing an entire industry and all that is tied to it. Because we are in denial, we have believed that there is no one else that has: 1) a pretty beach 2) friendly people 3) that we don’t need a cruise ship facility 4) That there is only stay over tourist who have any value for money.
    No , I can tell you everyone who went to that meeting in Cozumel, Mexico can tell you that they are not sitting back poor and homeless. Cozumel by itself with 84 sq. miles is doing 3.5 million tourists from cruise lines and has built not one but 3 cruise ship facility while we are going down in tourists. The FCCA meeting is where one can talk to high level representatives from all cruise lines. When I mentioned to all the representatives that "Cayman is going to build a pier" they were overjoyed and basically said it would be a big help for the future of Caymans’ cruise industry. One large cruise line said it would be the only way to stay in the Cruise ship business. Mexicans are not hanging around anywhere, they are working. Their population is 70,000 people they average $1000 with tips per month. But their cost of living is cheaper then Cayman. So they have a good life. We need to stop worrying about Balboa . If a dive company wants it then move it. Otherwise then it really has no value.If it does then move it somewhere else . It should not be at the publics’ expense.Neither should the coral be at the publics’ expense at the Balboa. The port is the entrance for the cargo. . It is not the top dive sites on the island which can be verified in any advert that the dive community pays for. Why should we move it? They constantly said it can’t be moved. We should just conclude it is collateral damage.
    When the pilot made a mistake and dropped that anchor on that reef in front of Don Fosters’ dive co. VOLUNTEERS came to the rescue. Then if they would be given a time by gov’t that doesn’t interfere with the project they can move it.
    It is time for GT to come back and be renewed. I hope our new town center will have Apts. over coffee shops and bars and close the streets off so young and old can enjoy.

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