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Economist warns of ‘build, build, build’ mentality

Cayman has a “regressive” tax system that stifles economic mobility and incentivises development, according to a Yale University economics professor.

Cabinet approves completion of Bodden Town church

Cabinet has given approval for government to complete the Church of God Bodden Town, the large concrete structure on Shamrock Road that is intended to serve as a multipurpose hall and hurricane shelter.

EDITORIAL – Bad things can happen to ‘NiCE’ programs

Like many in Cayman, we have spotted in recent days teams of NiCE workers at work alongside our highways, and, frankly, their efforts are making a noticeable difference.

EDITORIAL-Auditor General: A watchdog that could use more ‘bite’

Auditors do not win popularity contests. And yet, we must confess we are inordinately fond of auditors and, in particular, Auditors General such as Ms. Winspear, who do, if not God’s work, certainly ours, meaning the people of the Cayman Islands.

EDITORIAL – What should Cayman do about Jackson Point?

We don’t know (but rest assured, we are looking into) the magnitude of the disaster that could have occurred if firefighters had not been able to control Sunday’s blaze.

Plans to build ‘boardwalk’ on South Sound Road submitted

Architectural drawings for a proposed “boardwalk” and what is anticipated to be a public park area in South Sound have been submitted to the Cayman Islands Central Planning Authority for approval, government officials confirmed Tuesday.

On the GT waterfront

I feel I should respond to the letter of Mrs. Mary Thompson, the mother of the developer, Kel Thompson.

Cayman Kai hotel plan re-emerges

A planned area development application, including a hotel, marina, restaurants and retail properties in Cayman Kai, has resurfaced, with the developer hoping to begin work on the first phase of the project next year.

Church versus state in unique planning battle

After being refused planning permission for a house of God, a Cayman Islands church is seeking compensation from the Central Planning Authority.

Court denies permission for large apartment building on Seven Mile Beach

In a rare court ruling concerning a planning dispute over a proposed apartment development along Grand Cayman’s Seven Mile Beach, a Grand Court judge has questioned planning regulations that, heretofore, have allowed for the development of structures higher than seven stories in hotel/tourism zones.

Firms donate time and materials to rebuild

A George Town home, destroyed by fire, is being rebuilt, bit-by-bit, as the Cayman community steps in to help.

Succession plan puts Caymanian director at 911

Julian Lewis will take over next month as head of the Cayman Islands 911 Emergency Communications Centre after being named to the position Wednesday by the Ministry of Home Affairs.

Weather Service: Climate change making Cayman hotter, drier

The average temperature in the Cayman Islands has risen steadily for the past four years due to the effects of global climate change, according to National Weather Service Director John Tibbetts.

Clinton targets Cayman Islands tax schemes

Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential frontrunner, targeted the Cayman Islands and other offshore centers in an interview with MSNBC on Monday.

Kanuga to tackle 160-mile run in Brazilian mountains

Ultra-distance runner Kerri Kanuga is leaving the sun and sea of Cayman behind again – this time for the mountains of Serra da Mantiqueira, Brazil.

Expansion plans ahead for Health City

Health City Cayman Islands will invest $25 million in infrastructure in 2016, and as much as another $100 million in 2017 and 2018, all drawn from private sources.

Bush raises questions over vehicle licensing center

Cayman's opposition leader asks the governor to look into the construction of a vehicle licensing facility in Breakers.

Longtime liquor licensing chairman replaced in board shake-up

A new Liquor Licensing Board is ushered in, along with a new regime for local liquor-related businesses.

Brac hotel owners told to clean up site

The owners of the Divi Tiara Beach Resort on Cayman Brac have been served with an enforcement order requiring them to demolish dilapidated buildings and clean up the site. The hotel, vacant for almost a decade, has become an eyesore on the island, and planning officials are concerned that the site is unsafe.

New energy, climate change policies planned

Government is planning a review of its draft energy and climate change policies early this year in light of ambitious new targets established at a world summit in Paris last month.

In Memoriam: Obituaries of 2015

Obituaries of nine people who died in 2015 and who received Queen's Honours during their lifetime.

Top stories of 2015: The year of the report

The theme for government in 2015 may well have been “The Year of the Report.” Ministers and civil servants have been going through a yearlong review of the EY Report, which calls for numerous government reforms.

Top stories of 2015: CayFilm festival prepares for encore

The first-ever CayFilm International Film Festival, held in June, was billed as “spectacular event” designed to promote the Cayman Islands as a world-class filming destination, and it was by all accounts as enjoyable and well-produced as the films screened at the event.

Top stories of 2015: Dart's grand plans change Cayman landscape

The current and future plans of the Dart group continued to alter Cayman’s landscape in significant ways in 2015.

Editorial Year in Review Economic prosperity, education

Compass editorials in 2015 on economic prosperity and education.

Purple Ribbon Bus free on New Year's Eve

The National Drug Council offers its Purple Ribbon Bus for those celebrating New Year's Eve.

Fireworks legal, but regulated

Planning to set off fireworks this holiday season? Check the laws first.

New HospiceCare site announced

It’s an empty dirt lot now, but possibly as soon as the end of next year, a site on West Bay Road will be the new home of Cayman HospiceCare.

Putting on the Ritz: Backstage at Cayman's busiest hotel at Christmas

Christmas Day at The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, is an elaborate affair.

Ironwood commits to hiring locals

The developers behind the planned Ironwood golf resort have committed to a target of hiring a workforce of mostly Caymanian employees as part of a duty concessions agreement with government.

A Christmas blessing for West Bay crew

The community cleanup is bringing pride, opportunity and Christmas cash to unemployed workers in West Bay.

Cruise arrivals up this holiday season

An unusually large number of cruise passengers are scheduled to descend on Grand Cayman in the days leading up to Christmas and the New Year.

Ironwood moving forward, no road deal

The $365 million Ironwood golf resort project will move forward without a final agreement on a highway extension previously viewed as a deal breaker for the development. Ironwood will seek planning approval early next year for phase one of the resort, featuring retirement homes for affluent baby boomers situated around an Arnold Palmer-designed PGA Championship golf course.

From the National Conservation Council

National Conservation Council responds to Compass editorial.

Golf resort now apartment complex

First sold to investors as a luxury housing development around a golf course, a long-discussed project near Rum Point has gone through another metamorphosis as it works its way through the planning process.

Enterprise City campus gets zoning approval

Zoning approval has been granted for Cayman Enterprise City’s proposed campus on a 70-acre site in South Sound.

New home takes shape for fire-hit George Town family

An overwhelming community response has helped the Buttrum family begin rebuilding a new home on the site their old one that burned to the ground in July.

Thoughts on the sensitive subject of cemeteries

Intertwined with culture, religion and public health, the practice of burial is a defining characteristic of the human species.

For these East End women, 'fishing is a hobby we all love'

When it comes to hauling in fish, no two Caymanian women do it better than Cecile Conolly and Ruth Grant.

'Hails' to the chief: Cayman's new top firefighter

Based on his résumé, the hiring of David Hails as chief fire officer appears to be an unqualified recruitment triumph.

New registration and licensing center set to open in January

The Department of Vehicle and Drivers’ Licensing will start offering inspection, registration and drivers’ licensing to more conveniently service Grand Cayman’s eastern districts starting in January.

Cyber risks at top of the list of threats for captives

Cybercrime, hacking and data breaches caused about $450 billion in damages last year, but insurance covered only a fraction of it. Only about $2.5 billion was paid in premiums to insure against computer crime.

National Trust in Little Cayman focuses on coming year

Now that the Green Iguana B’Gonna project is up and running, the Little Cayman district committee for the National Trust is brainstorming for the coming year, with topics to be discussed at the committee meeting on Dec. 14.

An adventure in food for GT youngsters

Feed Our Future gives some lessons on how to prepare tasty low-cost meals.

New opportunities for filmmakers at CayFilm 2016

The Cayman Film Festival will be back next year and is looking to expand and include new opportunities for local filmmakers to develop their talent.

How a wealthy country can be so broke

Q: Why can’t our emergency responders have nice things? A: Because our public officials keep spending the money on other stuff.

Fort George carries unique history

Fort George was once a key lookout point on Grand Cayman.

Pink Ladies annual Christmas Bazaar and Tea

The Pink Ladies Christmas Bazaar will be held this Saturday at the ARC from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. so mark your calendars for this popular annual event.

Pirates Week comes to an end

Revelers celebrated the end of an invasion Saturday, as swashbucklers were sentenced for crimes committed during Pirates Week 2015.

Conservation Council questions Ministry of Tourism role in pier project

The National Conservation Council has questioned the role of the Ministry of Tourism in pushing for the cruise pier project.

North Sider now a UK pageant queen

North Sider Sheril McField has netted an unique accomplishment as the winner of Ms. Surrey Galaxy, a U.K. pageant.

Cayman Brac employment: A Saab story

The 21 "additional" jobs connected with enhanced Cayman Brac air service are being created by government fiat, not market demand.

UCCI awards highest honor to three citizens

While UCCI’s 2015 commencement celebrated the hard work of dozens of its graduates, the highest form of recognition bestowed at the October ceremony was reserved for three of Cayman’s most notable contributors.

Government sets plans for 18-month budget

The Cayman Islands government will enter uncharted financial waters Wednesday as the planning document for the upcoming 18-month budget is released in the Legislative Assembly.

Cameron upbeat for West Indies

Whycliffe “Dave” Cameron, chairman of the West Indies Cricket Board, was in the Cayman Islands over the weekend for the local association’s annual awards and to update local officials on how the regional game is evolving.

Former students give back to school

Dressed in their 1960s-era school uniforms, a group of Secondary Modern School alumni returned to school last week to present a $1,000 check to George Town Primary School.

Take the hassle out of a celebratory feast

Chef Sven Wurnman, of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman, shares his top tips for preparing the perfect holiday feast at home.

Norwegian businessman killed in boating accident

Norwegian businessman and philanthropist Erik Henriksen was killed Monday in a boating accident in the North Sound.

Fuel pricing data not public, commissioner rules

Although the Cayman Islands government may have access to certain fuel pricing information from local distributors, it is not currently considered to be public, Acting Information Commissioner Jan Liebaers ruled.

Government agencies all pass audit test

Although some may have scored only a “C” in terms of taking a math exam, all Cayman Islands government agencies have managed – for the first time – to not entirely fail audits of their annual financial statements.

Health Services fails to collect $120 million since 2005

A number of government agencies have missed out on the collection of tens of millions of dollars.

Just hear those shop tills jing-a-ling

The moment that Halloween has passed, the shops are officially in full-blown Christmas mode.

Juvenile justice center write-off: $678,000

The Cayman Islands government has written off nearly $700,000 spent on the partial construction of a juvenile justice center.

Bodden Town tackles seaweed

The Department of Tourism and a group of Bodden Town volunteers collected tons of sargassum seaweed from beaches on Saturday.

Planning for health

As planners circulate a draft redesign for central George Town, an urban revitalization expert from the United States was on island recently to present about principles for creating healthy cities and improving public health through design at the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference. The planning, design and architecture of a city can have serious impacts on the health of the people who live there. That was the message of James Moore with the U.S.-based Urban Land Institute.

EY Report update: Few job cuts, less outsourcing in gov’t plan

Although proposals will initially lead to few job losses and no outsourcing of functions to the private sector, the Cayman Islands government announced Monday that it would seek to move forward with a total of 51 recommendations derived from a 2014 consultant report.

Red ink, wastepaper: Clifton Hunter's book value

Clifton Hunter High School was intended to be a monument to Cayman Islands education. Instead, the sprawling campus in Frank Sound has become a memorial to governmental waste.

Conference looks to the future of medicine

Emerging trends in medicine will be the focus of the Cayman Islands Healthcare Conference that begins Thursday.

Business in brief

Global Directories names new president and CEO; Michael Garvey joins DMS; Aon Cayman adds to Risk Solutions team; Mourant Ozannes offers development opportunities; National Gallery welcomes intern

Cruise line mega-ships will not use tenders

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Carnival Corp. have confirmed they have no plans to use tenders to service the larger Oasis-style cruise ships.

School zone speeding could cost license

Speeding through an area marked as a school zone in the Cayman Islands could soon cost motorists their driver’s license, government officials confirmed last week.

Webster shatters own Halloween record

The KRyS Global 30K run had the highest ever number of entries in its five-year history in East End on Sunday.

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