On the GT waterfront

I feel I should respond to the letter of Mrs. Mary Thompson, the mother of the developer, Kel Thompson.

Mrs. Thompson, with all due respect, some of us foreigners have contributed to the wellbeing of the Cayman Islands since we arrived.

In my case it was 1968. I will not elaborate on my own contributions, and for your edification I do not use Western Union.

I have the greatest respect for your late husband and his contributions but might add: Where would Cayman be without the early financial center pioneers – the very bread, excuse the pun, and butter of the island?

The difference in philosophy between the views of your son and me, is that my son and I have tried to make my land more picturesque, for the larger open beach to be used by all, for no charge – whilst Mr. Thompson is fencing his two beaches off and denying access unless payment is made.

Your son has dumped dirt on my property, having dug up the road last year. He has dumped marl on the beach and has dug a huge hole for passersby to fall into. He contravened all setback regulations against the objections of the Department of Environment, a body manned by Caymanians, as you would have heard on the excellent programme on Cayman 27 Tuesday night.

Finally with the septic tank proposed to be almost next door to the fish market, will you continue to buy fish there?

Chris Johnson

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